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Creating and Editing Custom Patches #ivanti #patch

This instructional video provides information on how to use the Custom Patch editor within Security Controls, and how to create and edit custom patches for initial installation and updates. The information contained within this video is not a 'best practice' and is intended for educational purposes, not for architecture or design. Viewers of this video should always test their custom patches in a safe, development environment to ensure that their intended actions are being performed by the patches to prevent any unwanted behaviour from affecting live or production services.

Executive Summary Podcast Ep. 4 #goivanti

See all Ivanti’s original research at ivanti.com/research. Ivanti's recent research showed that IT workers are significantly more likely than other office workers to be anxious about the impact of AI on their jobs. IT workers are eight times more likely to say that the main beneficiaries of AI are employers rather than employees! Yet, IT workers also report record levels of burnout, which AI and automation have the potential to alleviate.​

#018 - Kubernetes for Humans Podcast with Pavel Brodsky (Forter)

Pavel has been a Backend Engineer for years before switching to a DevOps role at Forter — the leading trust as a service unicorn startup. Three years ago, he transitioned into an Engineering Manager role in a team responsible for Forter's CI/CD pipelines and internal developer platform. Since becoming an EM, he has been focused on maintaining happy and effective teams, and he is passionate about developer experience.

Unveiling IT Challenges: Decoding Microsoft Teams' Hidden Issues

In a bustling office, meet Sarah, tasked with ensuring Microsoft Teams functions seamlessly. However, dissatisfied users often refrain from reporting issues, leaving Sarah in constant firefighting mode. Join her journey as she unveils strategies to detect and resolve hidden Teams performance problems, shifting from firefighting to staying ahead. Discover how you can transform your IT strategy for a smoother workplace with Microsoft Teams.

Self Hosted Retrace - For your Data Governance, Centralised Control needs

Our customers can now get a self hosted Retrace, where their own data will never leave the Azure cloud environment. Stackify by Netreo will deploy and manage the Retrace platform that includes infrastructure components and software. Customer will get the access to the Retrace within their corporate domain, rather than public internet.

Exploring logs, metrics, and traces with Grafana - Grafana for Beginners Ep. 7

Exploring logs, metrics and traces for the first time could be an overwhelming experience if you don't know where to start. Join Senior Developer Advocate, Lisa Jung to get the 101 on using the Grafana explore tool and start exploring your data! Best practices.

Set up your data streaming infrastructure in 30 minutes

What can you do with data? Caching, processing, streaming, persistence... For its infrastructure, each of these components need: implementation, hosting, reliability and security. This is a lot of work and time, especially considering every project has specific requirements and specifications which translate into new data infrastructures. What if you could manage all of this in one unified platform? Watch the video and find out how with Aiven.