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May 12, 2022   |  By Nina Bargisen
Peering is more than just setting up sessions with any AS that will accept one. Peering can involve long-term relationships that require reviews and joint-planning to grow synergy. A critical milestone in any peering relationship is the business review – and when it comes to business reviews, it’s all about preparation. So where to start?
May 5, 2022   |  By Phil Gervasi
Nobody actually cares about the network. Provocative words coming from a network visibility company, you might be thinking. However, consider what you’re doing right now. You’re reading a blog on a website, maybe clicking around other tabs, possibly streaming some music, and likely keeping an eye on your work chat. These are all applications, and that’s what we all truly care about, not the plumbing that delivers them.
Apr 27, 2022   |  By Kevin Woods
The vast majority of corporate IT departments have a network monitoring solution. Typically that solution is built on standalone software platforms. If that’s you, this post is for you. You’re probably hearing a lot about “observability” these days. Generally, that’s the ability to answer any question and explore unknown or unexpected problems to deliver great digital experiences to your users.
Apr 25, 2022   |  By Doug Madory
Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is a routing security framework that provides a mechanism for validating the correct originating autonomous system (AS) and prefix length of a BGP route. Route Origin Authorization (ROA) is a cryptographically signed object within the RPKI that asserts the correct originating AS and prefix length of a BGP route. For as long as the internet has existed, the challenge of securing its underlying protocols has persisted.
Apr 20, 2022   |  By Phil Gervasi
In the old days, it took a bunch of help desk tickets for an engineer to realize there was something wrong with the network. At that time, troubleshooting meant logging into network devices one-by-one to pore over logs. In the late 80s, SNMP was introduced giving engineers a way to manage network devices remotely. It quickly became a way to also collect and manage information about devices. That was a big step forward, and it marked the beginning of network visibility as we know it today.
Apr 13, 2022   |  By Stephen Condon
The rolling thunder of cybersecurity warnings has built to a crescendo this year. According to HelpNetSecurity, cybercriminals launched over 9.75 million DDoS attacks in 2022. The Cloudflare Attack Trends 2022 Q1 Report published yesterday shows an alarming increase in application-layer DDoS attacks. And our own Doug Madory has been sharing analysis on the impact of cyberattacks, too.
Apr 8, 2022   |  By Maria Martinova
In this episode of the Network AF podcast, Avi Freedman connects with Ilissa Miller, network whisperer and PR industry veteran. Ilissa and her team translate technology into business terms by helping clients understand the value and functionality of a company. Avi asks Ilissa how she got into the field, her biggest takeaways that helped launch her own business and what’s important in today’s networking world.
Apr 5, 2022   |  By Doug Madory
Last night, Kansas topped the University of North Carolina in a thrilling come-from-behind victory to win their fourth championship in men’s college basketball. It was also notable in how viewers saw the game. Instead of being aired on CBS (network television), the game was carried on TBS requiring viewers to have either a cable TV package or use a streaming service to watch the game. Here’s what we saw.
Mar 30, 2022   |  By Anil Murty
In part 1 of our synthetics series, we looked at tracking network performance to drive better business outcomes. Here in part 2 of our series, we’ll dig into the very first and most basic business outcome of using digital experience monitoring (DEM). That is, we’ll look at how to protect and grow revenue by proactively monitoring the health, availability and uptime of your critical applications and services, so you can fix issues before your customers’ experience suffers.
Mar 16, 2022   |  By Maria Martinova
In episode 11 of Network AF, Avi talks with Jezzibell Gilmore, co-founder and chief commercial officer (CCO) of PacketFabric. Jezzibell is a powerful woman in networking who is modernizing and paving the way for infrastructure in the digital universe. In the conversation, she shares how she’s weaving together technology, business drivers and cutting-edge innovation, while keeping her foot firmly on the ground.
May 26, 2022   |  By Kentik
Peering is more than just setting up sessions with any AS that will accept one. Peering can involve long-term relationships that require reviews and joint planning to grow synergy. A critical milestone in any peering relationship is the business review; and when it comes to business reviews, it’s all about preparation. Learn how Kentik can help you get ready to ace business reviews with peering partners. What you’ll learn.
May 10, 2022   |  By Kentik
Co-founder and CEO of Deft, Jordan Lowe stops by Network AF to talk to host Avi Freedman about all things IT infrastructure. Previously known as ServerCentral, Deft continues to innovate on its services to make managing IT infrastructure a better experience for the business and those who run it.
May 6, 2022   |  By Kentik
Kubernetes enables DevOps efficiency by streamlining application and service deployment and management. While this gives greater control, it also makes it harder to monitor the health of the applications and services. Synthetic monitoring simulates network conditions and user actions by running continuous tests from global locations before adverse conditions impact end users. What you’ll learn.
May 5, 2022   |  By Kentik
As a network service provider, you want your customer to see that you consistently deliver excellent performance. You send your customers periodic reports — but those only provide a snapshot. With synthetic tests, you can present your customers with a dynamic report through a public web page, linkshare or a customer branded portal. Watch this webinar replay to learn how Kentik’s API can be used with network performance meshes in Kentik's synthetic monitoring solution to build a live latency report. Kentik’s Anil Murty and Martin Machacek will show you.
Apr 26, 2022   |  By Kentik
Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Unitas Global, Grant Kirkwood, joins Network AF to discuss motivations for starting the company and where they're at currently. Avi and Grant talk about what it is like to be a service provider and a solution provider (MSP) in one, and how it plays into what Avi calls the APIfication of networks and IT strategy.
Apr 14, 2022   |  By Kentik
Network AF host and Kentik CEO Avi Freedman discusses data analysis and trends in understanding online activity with David Belson. David is Cloudflare's Head of Data Insight, where he helps the organization communicate information about the internet such as outages and changes in protocol adoption.
Mar 31, 2022   |  By Kentik
BGP isn’t just for ISPs and hosting providers anymore. As we saw with Facebook’s historic outage, it’s now a necessity for digital enterprises to proactively monitor BGP. In this webinar, Director of Product Management Anil Murty will introduce Kentik’s new proactive BGP monitoring capabilities. Join Anil to learn.
Mar 29, 2022   |  By Kentik
Bill Marantz joins Avi and Network AF to discuss his love for open source and automation technologies. The two also discuss mentorship and recruiting during rapid stages of company growth, and touch on problem solving in networking without a technical background.
Mar 15, 2022   |  By Kentik
In this episode of Network AF, the network engineering podcast: Ilissa Miller, CEO of iMiller Public Relations, joins Avi to talk about her start working in infrastructure communications, and her advice for companies interested in engaging more with her customers and media.
Mar 11, 2022   |  By Kentik
As an ISP, your operations are measured by cost, uptime and customer service. But how do you know if you’re on the right track to meet your service objectives? Take a step back, dig into the design and operation of ISP networks, and learn how data can help you meet your KPIs. Join Nina to learn.
May 6, 2022   |  By Kentik
Your outdated network monitoring tools don't cut it. You already know that. But what can you do for your corporate network to keep pace? This ebook covers ten aspects of how network observability can: Network observability is the way to modernize. This ebook explains how.
Mar 14, 2022   |  By Kentik
Written by one of the foremost experts in networking, it explores the challenges of running a healthy, secure, high-performance network in a time when the "network" isn't any one thing and it certainly isn't in our control.
Feb 14, 2022   |  By Kentik
It's easy to get caught flat-footed on things like collecting logs and metrics at cloud-scale, making sense of cloud network performance and health using old-school data like port numbers and IP addresses, and automating processes like troubleshooting and remediation when you don't own the underlying infrastructure.
Feb 14, 2022   |  By Kentik
Top 3 gotchas in AWS, and how network observability helps you avoid them As you transition apps and services to the cloud, whether fully public or hybrid, the networking component quickly gets complicated. Your team not only has to manage on-premises networking, but also cloud networks now - which requires a different approach to handle things like VPCs and connectivity back to on-prem environments and other clouds. Poor performance and high costs can quickly hinder cloud projects from being successful.
Feb 1, 2022   |  By Kentik
Organizations are adopting cloud in a big way. Some went whole hog right away, but most took a hybrid approach for security, compliance, or just to move more cautiously. No matter the reason, hybrid clouds can leave network pros a little, well, foggy. No longer can you see, fix, and run your network across your data center, private clouds, public clouds, and SaaS. Ai ai ai! Never fear! Read this short white paper on how to achieve network observability nirvana in your hybrid cloud.
Feb 1, 2022   |  By Kentik
A guide to assuring performance and availability of critical services across public and hybrid clouds and the internet You're responsible for monitoring the performance and availability of critical cloud services. If your users start complaining about slow response times, it's tough to get started when you can't even see where the problem is. This is where synthetic testing comes in - to help you find problems before they affect your users. This means fewer complaints and happier customers!
Jan 1, 2022   |  By Kentik
For the past several decades, networks have increasingly become a critical part of business operations. The global pandemic only intensified the importance of networking, with more companies and individuals taking their worlds almost entirely online. This shift also put the spotlight on the need for 24/7, always-on network connectivity.
Jan 1, 2022   |  By Kentik
Useful tips to better plan, monitor, and troubleshoot your public cloud networking Cloud networking across a myriad of applications, clouds, and data centers can get complex. And with the rapid pace of transition to the cloud, you'll need to prepare for new concepts like VPCs, cloud interconnects, and multiple availability zones and regions. Kentik has put together a list of the top five cloud networking deployment mistakes to avoid so you can take full advantage of the cost savings and flexibility of the cloud.

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