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NMS Migration Made Easy: Gathering Information

Network monitoring tools have a lot of moving parts. Those parts end up getting stored in a wide range of locations, formats, and even the ways various capabilities are conceptualized. With that in mind, we’re going to list out the information you should gather, the format(s) you should try to get it into, and why.

How to Configure Kentik NMS to Collect Custom SNMP Metrics

Join Kentik's Leon Adato as he explains how to customize Kentik's NMS (Network Monitoring System) to collect specific SNMP metrics not covered by default settings. Learn how to add custom SNMP elements, navigate YAML configurations, and organize your data for clarity. With practical steps and a linked blog for detailed guidance, this video empowers you to enhance your network observability in Kentik NMS. Ideal for those looking to tailor their monitoring setup without getting lost in complexity.

What's New at Kentik, Episode 5

Leon Adato highlights the latest additions to the Kentik network observability platform, including Kentik Journeys for iterative troubleshooting, PeeringDB integration for enhanced network insights, and the utility of Kentik's API for custom data interactions. Discover how these features enable deeper network analysis and streamline operational workflows.

Using Telegraf to Feed API JSON Data into Kentik NMS

Discover how to harness API JSON data for Kentik NMS using Telegraf in this insightful video by Justin Ryburn. Learn to containerize with Docker Compose, configure Telegraf to collect and transform metrics, and seamlessly integrate them into Kentik's network monitoring system. A step-by-step guide for enhancing your NMS capabilities with API data.

What Caused the Red Sea Submarine Cable Cuts?

In the latest collision between geopolitics and the physical Internet, three major submarine cables in the Red Sea were cut last month likely as a result of attacks by Houthi militants in Yemen on passing merchant vessels. In this post, we review the situation and delve into some of the observable impacts of the subsea cable cuts.

Transforming Human Interaction with Data Using Large Language Models and Generative AI

AI has been on a decades-long journey to revolutionize technology by emulating human intelligence in computers. Recently, AI has extended its influence to areas of practical use with Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models. Today, LLMs enable a natural, simplified, and enhanced way for people to interact with data, the lifeblood of our modern world. In this extensive post, learn the history of LLMs, how they operate, and how they facilitate interaction with information.