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Applications Manager extends its monitoring support to 11 more Azure services

We believe in expanding our arsenal to accommodate your evolving needs. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Applications Manager now provides wider performance monitoring support for Azure! The latest version of ManageEngine Applications Manager extends its monitoring support to 11 additional Azure services, empowering you to gain deeper insights into the health and performance of your entire cloud environment. Let’s take a look at the newly supported services.

Devart Wins Silver at the 19th Annual 2024 Globee Awards for Technology

dotConnect for Oracle from Devart, a high-performance.NET connector that provides direct access to the Oracle Database without the need for an Oracle Client, has won Silver at the 19th Annual 2024 Globee Awards for Technology in the Oracle Cloud Application Services category. This prestigious business award praises companies that excel at hard work and transform tech domains, empowering businesses worldwide.

Automating SLO Management: Boost Efficiency, Accuracy, and Reliability

82% of organizations plan to increase their use of Service Level Objectives (SLOs), with 95% reporting that SLO adoption drives better business decisions, according to the Nobl9 2023 State of SLOs report. The traditional manual management of SLOs often results in inefficiencies and human errors, hindering productivity. Automating SLO management transforms these processes, enhancing accuracy and operational efficiency.

Why AI solutions aren't moving to market as quickly as imagined

With all the buzz around ChatGPT and the rapid mainstreaming of generative AI, 2024 was predicted to be the year of AI. While the market certainly talks a lot about AI this year, we’ve yet to see much of it in production environments. Events are a great chance for tech companies to showcase or announce new innovations to the market.

Integration roundup: Monitoring the health and performance of your container-native CI/CD pipelines

Widespread adoption of containerized infrastructure has been closely followed by an explosion of container-native tools for each layer of the stack, including new solutions for managing CI/CD pipelines in container-based environments, such as the Argo suite, FluxCD, and Tekton. This is because these lightweight solutions make it easier to automate builds, testing, deployments, and more on Kubernetes, as well as other platforms that manage containerized workloads and services.

Why Harnessing Hourly Granularity Can Optimize Cloud Savings

If you’re working in the cloud, you’re part of a rapidly growing industry. Global spending on public cloud services is set to double, reaching $482 billion in 2024, up from $243 billion in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5% What’s the takeaway? With organizations increasingly depending on cloud services, managing costs effectively is a must. Otherwise, the expenses will pile up, and money will flow down.

Why you need to prepare your network for the rise of generative AI

The evolution of generative AI is beginning to rapidly transform the way that we work and communicate. This is only set to increase as generative AI excels in providing business value by driving innovation and making intelligent decisions at unprecedented speeds. However, to fully harness its potential, organisations must ensure that they deploy this revolutionary technology safely, securely and responsibly with the right network connectivity.