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Want to Build a Responsive and Intelligent Data Pipeline? Focus on Lifecycle

Today, enterprises need to collect and analyze more and more data to drive greater business insight and improve customer experiences. To process this data, technology stacks have evolved to include cloud data warehouses and data lakes, big data processing, serverless computing, containers, machine learning, and more.


The Yellowfin product roadmap into 2020

The last 12 months have been tremendous for Yellowfin. We’ve introduced Signals, Stories, a new dashboard build, mobile app and many new improvements to the platform. There is no one else in the market that brings together all of these types of products and it means we’re diverging from our competitors. Our competitors think far more about the analytical experience, while we care about the data consumer and build products for them.


How can help desk streamline your business

Customer service focused help desks are in great demand owing to the multiple benefits linked to the application of these tools. Streamlined customer support services reflects efficiency combined with quality. Efficient and high quality support services mandate a fresh perspective to resolving customer issues. Customer support teams work in constant pressure to deliver prompt and instant services to customers.


Don't just move to the cloud, modernize with Google Cloud

Our customers tell us they don’t just want to migrate their applications from point A to point B, they want to modernize their applications with cloud-native technologies and techniques, wherever those applications may be. Today, we’re excited to tell you about a variety of new customers that are using Anthos to transform their application portfolio, as well as new cloud migration, API management, and application development offerings:


CloudHedge's App Modernization Tools are now Red Hat Container Certified

Red Hat Certified App Modernization Tools Accelerate Journey of Enterprise Apps from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to OpenShift Plano, Texas, United States – November 20, 2019 – CloudHedge Inc, announced that its automated app modernization tools – Discover™, Transform™ and Cruize™ are now Red Hat Container Certified.


How an Engagement Software company utilizes custom field features & types of tickets to organize different projects

When setting up meetings, pitches, training, and events, the ideal manager makes a special effort to deliver an immersive experience by evaluating, tracking, and evaluating the audience’s level of engagement to achieve the best outcome of the event possible. After all, a high level of user engagement is perhaps the most subjective measure of a successful event. Certain companies are specialized in developing event technology geared towards refining the conventions of audience engagement.


Circonus Releases New Visionary Paper on How to Unlock the Extraordinary Business Value of Your Machine Data

As the number of things we want to monitor grows and sensors proliferate our world, enterprises have the opportunity to gather and analyze vast amounts of machine-generated data that provide extraordinary business insights. This is machine data intelligence. Today we released a visionary paper on machine data intelligence, the missing link to deriving business value in the current Internet of Everything economy.


Cloud Discovery in a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud World

While infrastructure and application discovery for datacenter environments is a mature discipline, real-time discovery of public cloud and cloud native services requires an innovative approach. Digital operations teams have to not only onboard invisible and short-lived infrastructure at scale but also ensure visibility, track consumption, and pinpoint service dependencies across dynamic multi-cloud environments.


Robust Development with git-flow, Bitbucket Pipelines and Bitrise

When you start a new project, everything is very easy and agile. You can develop, commit code and publish new versions quickly, without much testing. You probably don’t have a QA team, your test data is similar to your production data and you don’t develop multiple features at the same time. But as the project grows, it starts to become more and more complex.