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How to Monitor Microsoft Teams Key Metrics

The pandemic has made Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Platforms like Microsoft Teams essential for remote work. As organizations rely on Teams (and similar applications) for meetings, user experience becomes critical. Many DEM solutions promise effective Microsoft Teams monitoring. However, many such solutions lack data acquisition to measure and quantify results. Many DEM tools struggle with the nomadic nature of work today and can't capture or partition metrics depending on where employees work; hybrid, at home, or at the corporate HQ. This article assesses the effectiveness of performance monitoring compared to other solutions.


AWS re:Invent 2023 Recap: Top Highlights and Takeaways

LogicMonitor spent the week in Las Vegas at AWS re:Invent 2023. With over 50,000 attendees, it was packed with groundbreaking keynote sessions, networking events, and so much more. One major announcement during the event was AWS Marketplace’s Quick Launch. Made to easily deploy SaaS products, interested users can easily buy and deploy LogicMonitor straight from the AWS Marketplace.


Goal Alignment: Meeting Customer Expectations for SOWs

Goal alignment is an essential part of developing long-lasting relationships with customers and clients. For instance, if you are offering consulting services, it’s important to make sure that you are on the same page as your clients from the outset and have a solid understanding of their needs. When both parties are fully aligned with set goals and outcomes, you leave no room for hidden surprises further down the line. ‍

9 Simple Tips for Managing Emails Efficiently on Mobile Devices

Efficient email management is a pivotal skill that can benefit both your professional success and personal endeavours. While organising your email on a desktop or laptop computer may be relatively simple, doing the same thing on a mobile device might present more of a challenge, given the smaller display size and less tactile interface.

Getting Started with WooCommerce: A Guide for New Users

Many of today's up-and-coming entrepreneurs choose to start out on online selling platforms and social media marketplaces. But for someone who heads a small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or startup, building a dedicated e-commerce website is the next logical step if the goal is to strengthen the company's brand and achieve a higher level of credibility in the market.

Data Lakehouses Explained

The big data landscape is always changing to solve existing problems and continues to push the boundaries of performance and scale. Data lakehouses are a new architectural pattern that is rapidly gaining popularity by solving a variety of problems seen with previous solutions like data warehouses and data lakes. In this article, you will learn the following.

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Cloud vs On-Premises: Back to Earth or Up in the Clouds?

Research shows that most US companies go cloud-first when choosing where to deploy a new application. Indeed, cloud computing brought many new amazing solutions to people’s lives. But… Is it the only way? In 2024, are on-premises solutions a viable option for companies?


GitKraken CLI Complete Guide: Elevate Your Git Collaboration Experience

Software developers need efficient tools that facilitate collaborative development without taking you out of the zone. The CLI, or command line interface, is a developer favorite for its ease of use, quick access, and versatility. GitKraken’s CLI is specifically tailored for Git operations, enhancing the traditional command line experience with its user-friendly commands and integrations, making Git tasks simpler and more efficient.


Observability with Grafana Cloud: Explore the latest and greatest features

Grafana Cloud constantly evolves to include new, cutting-edge features for end-to-end observability. In fact, just last month at ObservabilityCON 2023, we made a number of updates to our fully managed observability platform, including the general availability of Grafana Cloud Application Observability, Grafana SLO, and Adaptive Metrics.