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SLO Alerting with Wavefront

Back in the good old days of monolithic applications, most developers and application owners relied on tribal knowledge for what performance to expect. Although applications could be incredibly complex, the understanding of their inner workings usually resided within a relative few in the organization. Application performance was managed informally and measured casually.


Kubernetes 1.16: Important Features for Operational Excellence

This week marked the release of Kubernetes 1.16 and, like previous releases, delivers a range of exciting new features and enhancements that showcase its rapid velocity and maturity, driven by a community of more than 32,000 individual contributors. At StackRox, we have always viewed one of the greatest advantages of Kubernetes’ design to be its inherent extensibility and scalability, which continues to be evidenced by several updates in this latest version.


Beyond Patching: Fixing kubectl cp Vulns (cve-2019-11251)

The Kubernetes project released patches yesterday for kubectl 1.13, 1.14, and 1.15, and also released kubectl 1.16.0 along with the release of Kubernetes 1.16. The previous versions were patched to address ongoing security vulnerabilities with the kubectl cp subcommand that could allow critical files to be overwritten or exfiltrated by accidental or malicious replacements when copying from a running container.

api fortress

UI Testing is Not Enough

“Our UI Tests Hit the APIs” This is a true statement. It’s always true when you are doing things such as testing native mobile applications, for example. The problem is that it implies something that isn’t true. It implies that APIs are then being tested, which is not the case. The APIs are being triggered and running, but that is not a test. There is a big difference between being in class during roll call, versus passing a test.


Apps Used to Book Hotels Targeted by Skimming Attack

Vacationers using mobile apps to reserve their hotel rooms have recently been hit by a targeted skimming attack. Trend Micro found a series of security incidents that took place earlier this morning where the booking sites belonging to two popular hotel chains were hit by credit card skimming malware known as Magecart.


Optimize team resources with the new Float and Teamwork Projects integration

Get a visual representation of your team’s day-to-day workload using the new Float and Teamwork Projects integration, so you can manage resources effectively and allocate work evenly. With a calendar view of who’s working on which tasks, and how long they’re going to take, you get a bird’s eye view of your team’s workload.