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Squadcast is an Intelligent Incident management, monitoring & Alerting platform that improves your reliability by helping SRE and DevOps teams to adopt IT Incident Management best practices like intelligent alert routing, on-call rotations, collaboration, response automation, root cause analysis, blameless postmortems, etc.


Website and SSL Monitoring - Simple. We check your websites and SSL certificates and will notify you when websites are down or certificates become invalid.


Downtime caused by API performance has serious business impact. Use Checkly's deep but easy to use API monitoring solution to check your mobile, webapp or IoT API for performance, uptime and correctness.


Beautifully simple and reliable website monitoring. Receive alerts when your website is down through emails, Slack or SMS, integrated with real time data and insights.


We help you keep your business running. WebGazer checks if your website is up as it should be and notifies you if anything goes wrong.


Blacklist Monitor monitors all of your IP Addresses and Domain Names easily and cost-effectively. You will be notified as soon as any of your monitors get blacklisted so you can quickly find the spam or malware source.


Our off-site status pages are online even when your site isn't. Send customers proactive notifications alerting them to problems before they flood your support channels. Then drive them back to your status page to keep updated on a resolution.


Freshping is a simple Uptime & Performance monitoring tool which helps monitoring uptime/downtime, outages and performance of websites, APIs, web services, web applications with instant outage/down time alerts.


Monitor and communicate the status of your site, app or API with your very own status page. Create it in less than 3 minutes with Statuspal!