Partner Profile: NextBit Technologies

In some industries, Covid-19 has served as a war cry to push the lever on progressive digital initiatives. Urgency amid dire uncertainty created a reason to move forward and faster. Surveys have also indicated a much stronger focus on public cloud infrastructure, as IT leaders gravitate toward cost-effective, on-demand scalability.

Hiring and Managing IT Staff During a Global Crisis | Martha Heller - Heller Search Associates

Acquiring, retaining and optimizing IT talent has never been easy, but in 2020, there’s a whole new set of considerations for IT leaders and managers. Needs and priorities have shifted and that means new tactics for productivity, decision-making, and hiring. In this session, we will explore: Martha Heller, CEO of Heller Search Associates and an expert on IT leadership and workforce, leads this discussion.

Server Monitoring with OpsRamp

For decades, compute or server infrastructure has been the backbone of the IT world. Compute has gradually evolved from on-premise hardware to programmable compute in the form of software containers. Technology operators need to constantly monitor the performance of their Windows, Linux, and container infrastructure so that they can optimize their compute environments to match workload demands.


Markley Group Gains Better Visibility, Automation with OpsRamp

Markley Group is a Boston-based data center leader that provides co-location and private cloud services through a three-million square foot data center portfolio. The company was founded in 1991, when there was no such thing as the cloud. Today, many of its customers are experimenting in public cloud but often have workload requirements which are better suited or more affordable running on private infrastructure, according to Patrick Houston, Director of Engineering at Markley Group.


OpsRamp Forges New Partnership with Google Cloud

Google Cloud is growing marketplace traction with enterprise customers as an innovative, service-rich option for multi-cloud environments. The public cloud platform, known to be a developer’s favorite, has solutions by industry and comprehensive offerings in artificial intelligence, analytics, DevOps and high-performance computing among others. Today, OpsRamp announced a partnership with Google to bring hybrid discovery, monitoring, and automation to Google Cloud customers and partners.


Partner Chat: Flycast on ESM and IT Operations Management

Bobby McCullough is a Sales Engineer with Flycast, an IT service provider specializing in service management, asset management, security and IT operations management. Flycast uses OpsRamp internally and also resells the platform to its customers. He spoke with us about trends in ESM, ITSM and IT operations.

IT Operations Productivity Now and Beyond

IT Operations teams are at the forefront of supporting enterprise needs for reliability and productivity in this era of remote work, while also supporting critical revenue-driving new digital initiatives. The tools they select and processes they adopt will be instrumental to outcomes in the coming months. Join us for a live video chat with Bhanu Singh, the product and operations leader at OpsRamp, to hear about emerging trends that will help IT Ops teams thrive amid chaos.

Hybrid Visibility, Automation Accelerate Digital Transformation at Epsilon

Epsilon, an OpsRamp customer and leader in outcome-based marketing, delivers marketing technology, solutions and services to name-brand clients such as Coach, Walgreens, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Dell/EMC. Acquired in 2019 by Publicis Groupe, Epsilon was recently ranked as a leader in its sector by Forrester. Success though, is a game with no end, and the company has been modernizing its legacy IT infrastructure in the last several years to remain competitive.