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Scaling Service Mesh Across Clouds

In the traditional datacenter, distributed workloads simply existed across multiple datacenters. As businesses evolve their applications in the cloud native era, this degree of distribution scales as well. Workloads landing in multiple VPCs grow in commonality, and in many cases exist between cloud environments. In this Destination: Scale session, Cody De Arkland - Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Service Mesh, Office of the CTO - shows how Kuma provides a method to connect these applications through its advanced multi-zone capabilities, and how this model enables global scale.

APIOps for Standardization Without Hindrance (Destination: Scale)

Typically, there are two options to ensuring APIs have the right governance: manual checks or long documentation (or both). There is now a third option in APIOps — integrating your GitOps process with the API lifecycle, automating the enforcement of API standards from design time. This ensures API security, quality, consistency and resiliency across distributed teams at scale, therefore improving productivity for developers and operators whilst reducing risk overall.

Kong Konnect: Maximize Service Reuse, Observability and Manageability

Developer teams need to move faster than ever today and reusing services is a great driver for agility. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use ServiceHub to enable development teams to search, discover and consume existing services. You'll also learn about Runtime Manager and Vitals for operational metrics of deployed services.

Getting Started with Kong Konnect in 10 Minutes

In this Kong Konnect tutorial, you'll learn how to get started with Konnect and manage your API ecosystem from a single, easy-to-use interface. We'll cover how to use Konnect Runtime Manager to set up your own Kong Gateway instance in Docker. Then we'll walk through how you can expose, secure and manage your first service using the Konnect ServiceHub. Lastly, we'll publish that API to our developer portal and show how you can share that documentation with your users and developers all within Konnect.