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How to Use Kong Gateway JWT Plugin

Authentication can be difficult, but with the Kong Gateway JWT Plugin, you can save time and resources without risking your API gateway security. In this video, we'll walk through how to secure a service (in this case, an API server) with Kong Gateway and its JWT plugin. We’ll cover all the steps to set up, configure and test the service — giving you the foundational knowledge needed to implement these tools independently.

Accelerating the Build-Out of Digital Platform in the Public Cloud

In this Kong Summit 2020 session, we will cover the architecture and approach we used to build out our digital platform at Goldman Sachs by leveraging Kong’s API gateway to implement a secure ingress controller for all digital channels, including private/public API and web interfaces. We will discuss how we integrated Kong’s API gateway with AWS native services to implement mTLS, observability and container runtime, as well as share our operational experience of running resilient API workloads in production.

Automating Contract-Centric Experiences to Accelerate Front End Development

This Kong Summit 2020 session focuses on the war stories, and subsequently the patterns HyperCurrent employed, from building an API chargeback/monetization product using OAS, Kotlin, Spring Boot and Kong. We will discuss how a programmatic approach can be used to deliver an elegant REST-ful API while enforcing an anti-corruption layer for domain logic without writing API contracts by hand. By using Kotlin and Spring Boot along with a controller/DTO approach, we can automatically produce an OAS contract, HTML docs, a console and a client side SDK.

Comcast's Self-Service API Gateway Development Journey

Comcast has taken a journey to develop an API gateway initially using open source software and in-house enhancements, and later transitioning to open core commercial software to improve the overall service delivery experience for developers. In this session, Comcast will discuss enhancements that the team made to adapt the community edition of Kong, and subsequently the enterprise edition, to support a self-service, multi-tenant, yet still managed, production API gateway solution, as well as open source contributions made to the Kong community along the way.

Collaborative API Design and Testing with Insomnia

Insomnia Designer is a collaborative API design tool for designing and managing OpenAPI specs. This session will cover how to design and test APIs, as well as how to extend Insomnia with custom plugins. Kong Champion Mert Simsek will dive into how as a team is leveraging Insomnia Designer to share information and data APIs across teams to improve their overall process.

Day 0 to Day 2 With Kuma, Helm and Kubernetes | FinTech Studios

During the early days of finding product-market fit, clouds were small. Often, we start with an EC2 instance here, a managed service there, then some Docker containers, microservices, and wait, Kubernetes! As clouds grow with the teams that maintain them, stable relics and legacy systems remain in production. The effort first goes towards building the future and satisfying clients — they’re paying!