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Rancher Live: WASI 0.2 - Deep dive

ICYMI, the WebAssembly ecosystem achieved a major milestone in January 2024 - the launch of WASI 0.2, also known as WASI Preview 2. What does this mean for users of WebAssembly? How does this impact the niche intersection of the Cloud Native & WebAssembly ecosystems? Join Divya Mohan as she hosts Bailey Hayes, CTO of Cosmonic and Director of the Technical Steering Committee at Bytecode Alliance, to discuss all this & more on 22nd February at 11 AM!

Announcing Longhorn 1.6.0

The Longhorn team is excited to announce the latest minor release, version 1.6.0! This release introduces several features, enhancements, and bug fixes that are intended to improve system quality and the overall user experience. Specifically, this release includes a further feature preview of the highly anticipated Longhorn Data Engine Version 2.0, platform-agnostic deployment, node maintenance, and improvements to stability, performance, and resilience.

Building a Custom Read-only Global Role with the Rancher Kubernetes API

In 2.8, Rancher added a new field to the GlobalRoles resource (inheritedClusterRoles), which allows users to grant permissions on all downstream clusters. With the addition of this field, it is now possible to create a custom global role that grants user-configurable permissions on all current and future downstream clusters. This post will outline how to create this role using the new Rancher Kubernetes API, which is currently the best-supported method to use this new feature.

Rancher Live: What's the buzz with Cilium?

The Cilium community has had some truly buzzworthy accomplishments (pun intended!) in the past year - from hosting the first ever CiliumCon in Amsterdam to becoming a CNCF graduated project! In this first episode of Rancher Live for 2024, we will be joined by the community pollinator for Isovalent, Bill Mulligan. Together, we will be diving into the how-tos of creating "hive"-ly orchestrated container workloads that are as sweet as honey!

Announcing the Rancher Kubernetes API

It is our pleasure to introduce the first officially supported API with Rancher v2.8: the Rancher Kubernetes API, or RK-API for short. Since the introduction of Rancher v2.0, a publicly supported API has been one of our most requested features. The Rancher APIs, which you may recognize as v3 (Norman) or v1 (Steve), have never been officially supported and can only be automated using our Terraform Provider.