Email Security

7 email blocked list prevention practices for businesses

Email blocked listing is a major problem, but sometimes overlooked in the conversation around spam and email threat prevention . The impact on a business can be devastating if it isn’t caught in time, especially if the company relies on email marketing for lead generation and customer correspondence. While it’s possible to recover from the effects, it’s a complicated process and may set back productivity in the meantime.

Everything You Should Know About Spam Filters

We are all aware of the spam folder in our email dashboard. This article deals with how spam filters automatically identify and divert spam mail from our inbox to the spam folder. Spam filters are used to screen inbound emails (the emails entering a particular network) and outbound emails (the emails leaving the network). The Internet Service Providers utilize both methods for protecting the receiver and the sender. There are many types of spam filtering solutions available.

Email Security Risks: Why You Need a Cyber Security Plan

Even though technology has advanced significantly over the past few decades, hackers and cybercriminals still target large volumes of email messages daily. Some of the biggest types of things that get sent through email include malware, ransomware, trojans, and viruses. These things are often disguised in some sort of “friendly” email message, an embedded link, or a cute kitten meme.