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Nearly Everything You Need To Know About Vantage DX

Vantage DX, the only Experience Management Solution purpose-built for Microsoft Teams. This might well be your first-time hearing about Vantage DX. If it is…welcome! We’re here to help enterprises improve their communication and collaboration by giving them the tools they need to understand what is and isn’t working with their Microsoft Teams setup. Here’s just a quick starter to give you some idea of what Vantage DX is capable of.

Microsoft SLA for Teams Telephony - 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

This week at Enterprise Connect, Microsoft announced many compelling new Teams features to drive productivity, collaboration and to simplify the lives of its users. One of the most noteworthy announcements is that Microsoft is now delivering a 99.999% Microsoft Teams SLA uptime guarantee for Teams telephony. This covers uptime for calls that take place over the PSTN, including Microsoft Teams Phone, Teams Calling Plans and Audio Conferencing.

Last Day of The Quarter - Smooth Sailing?

You’re 24 hours away from the next quarter. Have you achieved everything in this one that you wanted to? Got a last-minute deal you need to get over the line? That’s ok, your favorite customer is just a quick video call away from signing on the dotted line – that’ll help you hit your target. Be a real problem if the call kept dropping out though – especially if they asked to reschedule. Oh, no, suddenly, your Teams is acting up!

The Best Strategy For Microsoft 365 Performance

In today’s lightning-fast world, seamless teamwork and communication are like oxygen for any company. And that’s where having a strategy for Microsoft 365 performance gives you an edge. It’s the epicenter of collaboration within the Microsoft 365 universe. It helps teams connect, build, and crush their goals. But, keeping Microsoft Teams purring like a kitten is essential to avoid revenue hiccups.

Insanely Powerful Tool for Microsoft 365 Performance Issues

Are you tired of troubleshooting Microsoft 365 performance issues with a blindfold on? Whether you’re dealing with the frustrating slowness of Office 365 or facing Microsoft Teams audio and video quality issues, you’re not alone. In this blog, we’ll explore a new report produced by research analyst EMA, tailor-made for IT Managers, revealing a critical IT blind spot when it comes to Microsoft 365 performance issues.

IT Directors - Are You Blind to this Silent Productivity Killer?

Hybrid work models have taken center stage as the new norm for global enterprises, and Microsoft Teams has become the leading collaboration platform to keep hybrid and remote teams connected and collaborating. However, as return to office has grown, the Teams user experience in the office hasn’t been as solid as it was for many employees at home, with friction in the user experience resulting from in-office network constraints.

New Teams Client Challenges Draining Valuable IT Time? Vantage DX Can Help

Microsoft has pushed the end of availability for the classic Teams client from March 31, 2024 to July 1, 2024. This move will give administrators more time to address any issues they have encountered while transitioning to the new Teams app. Since its general availability in October 2023, enterprises have migrated users to the new Teams client and many have experienced both performance and functionality issues that have impacted user productivity and consumed considerable IT resources.

Revolutionizing the Microsoft Teams Experience: Yorktel and Martello Join Forces

In a strategic move aimed at redefining the Microsoft Teams experience, Yorktel, a global managed services provider, announces its dynamic collaboration with Martello’s Vantage DX. This innovative partnership is not just about adding a solution but about Yorktel’s commitment to enhancing their existing offering through the power of Vantage DX.

Navigating Your Microsoft Teams Migration: How Vantage DX Shields Your Investment

Migrating to Microsoft Teams can be fraught with unexpected challenges that threaten to derail your project’s momentum and inflate costs. Typical issues during a Teams migration effort include timelines that perpetually stretch, unforeseen complications during software rollouts, and the dire consequences of inadequate network infrastructure. Especially with Teams’ reliance on high bandwidth due to integrated video and voice features, preparing your network to handle these demands is crucial.