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Cisco builds a unified observability experience between AppDynamics and Splunk

Our unified observability initiative enables a seamless experience across AppDynamics and Splunk. The first unified observability integrations include SSO and contextual deep linking, allowing users to quickly and intuitively navigate between AppDynamics and Splunk throughout the hybrid troubleshooting workflow. This dramatically improves operational productivity, accelerates mean time to detect (MTTD), and reduces time to remediation (MTTR).

Revolutionize your AppDynamics experience with the new Cisco AI Assistant

Cisco AI Assistant has been integrated into Cisco AppDynamics allowing IT, DevOps, and SRE teams to streamline operations and decision-making processes via the power of intelligent, cross-domain guidance and actionable insights. Reading documentation is great. Having domain expertise, even better. But having an AI assistant to support you in completing your job efficiently and effectively is the best of all worlds.

Introducing AppDynamics Log Observer Connect with Splunk

AppDynamics Log Observer Connect with Splunk enables in-context navigation between AppDynamics and Splunk. This unified observability troubleshooting experience promises to streamline problem identification, but also aligns cross-functional teams by providing shared insights into application performance issues across tools.

The Cisco AppDynamics On-Premises Virtual Appliance: A modern observability platform with AI-driven insights

A cutting-edge solution that fortifies defenses against security threats, ensures robust performance of SAP applications and business processes, and empowers teams with a proactive approach to maintaining system integrity and operational excellence. Cisco AppDynamics On-Premises Virtual Appliance represents the pinnacle of modern observability, providing IT Operations teams with AI-powered capabilities for rapid and precise anomaly detection and root cause analysis.

Developers Call for Full-Stack Observability as Pressure Mounts to Accelerate Release Velocity and Deliver Seamless and Secure Digital Experiences

Cisco has unveiled findings from a survey that details how software developers are spending more than 57% of their time being dragged into 'war rooms' to solve application performance issues, rather than investing their time developing new, cutting-edge software applications as part of their organisation's innovation strategy.

Cisco AppDynamics modernizes self-hosted observability for hybrid application monitoring

We’re excited to announce multiple innovations available now in Cisco AppDynamics On-Premises, including AI-powered detection and remediation, application security with Cisco Secure Application, application and business performance monitoring for SAP® Solutions, and more.
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