Complex Hybrid Cloud Environments: Tools You Need to Gain Visibility Into Services, Infrastructure and Applications

Today's customers demand high-performing, low-latency applications. If your business is running applications on a hybrid cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you need a powerful suite of monitoring tools to ensure optimal performance.


AppDynamics Introduces Enhanced Amazon CloudWatch Integration and Support for Serverless APM

We're delighted to announce our CloudWatch Integration for Elastic Load Balancer and AppDynamics Serverless APM, which now supports the instrumentation of AWS Lambda applications and microservices in both Node.js and Java.


Introducing the AppDynamics Cluster Agent: Effectively Scale and Monitor Kubernetes with Confidence

Monitoring Kubernetes performance at scale presents many challenges. We're very excited to introduce the AppDynamics Cluster Agent, which is purpose-built to efficiently gather monitoring data from your clusters.