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New Features to Meet Upcoming Ecommerce Security Regulations

RapidSpike recently launched the first of six new features designed to further boost the security of ecommerce websites, in readiness for PCI DSS 4.0. We recently featured in Prolific North. If you missed the write up, you can catch up in full, here… In response to rising ecommerce threats, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards will impose 63 new requirements on brands processing, storing or transmitting credit card information, with version 4.0 coming into effect on March 31, 2025.

Compare Tests In RapidSpike

Last year we released the “Failure Analysis” dashboard to allow you to compare a failing result with the latest successful one. The feedback was universally positive: users loved being able to compare tests! So we have now released a full comparison tool to allow you to compare any two User Journey or Page Load test results on your website(s). Website test comparison can be useful for analysing and testing website changes.

Navigating User Experience, Performance & Security

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, where users expect lightning-fast, seamless experiences, a thoughtful balance needs to occur between creating a unique website experience and achieving optimal performance whilst tackling the mounting threats posed by cybercriminals. This predicament places website owners and developers at a crossroads: How can they achieve great user experience (UX) while upholding stringent security protocols with a well-performing website?

Tech Trends To Revolutionise eCommerce In 2024

We recently featured in Minute Hack. If you missed the write up, you can catch up in full, here… The digital landscape is poised for a revolution that surpasses mere transactions, offering a glimpse into the deep impact technology. In the dynamic landscape of eCommerce and digital experiences over the past year, we’ve witnessed a whirlwind of change and adaptation.

5 Tips For Consumers To Shop Safely This Black Friday

While it makes for bleak reading, the frenzy of sales and online shopping activity surrounding Black Friday, means this pre-holiday season is a key period for cybercriminals. And each year we see an increase in cyberattacks during what should be a feel-good time. With more consumers expected to be shopping online this year, the opportunity for fraudulent behaviour is rife. But that doesn’t mean we have to surrender to the risks of poor website security.

The Biggest Ecommerce Challenges this Black Friday

We recently featured in Ecommerce Age. If you missed the write up, you can catch up in full, here… As ecommerce continues to outdo the high street, Black Friday sales are becoming as much of a tradition as Christmas dinners. But shoppers are very influenced by external factors, from the economy to website experiences. We outline the key ecommerce challenges this Black Friday…

Evil in Automation: A Haunting Tale This Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, imagine a world where goblins, ghosts, and ghastly waits lurk in the shadows of your website monitoring. In the world of automation, nothing is more terrifying than the sneaky presence of ‘waits’. They may seem harmless and solve problems in the short term but in reality, they can distort the very essence of monitoring.

RapidSpike win European eCommerce Software of the Year

This blog was first seen as an article in Bdaily, if you missed it you can catch it below: RapidSpike, an industry leader in business-critical website monitoring, is delighted to announce its latest achievement: being named European eCommerce Software of the Year. This esteemed award celebrates RapidSpike’s unwavering commitment to excellence in a fiercely competitive digital ecosystem.