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Create Alerts on Cloud Monitoring

Are you interested to know about alerts in Cloud Monitoring? Would you like to know how to create metric based alerts for Google cloud products through cloud monitoring? In this video we introduce you to Alerts in Cloud Monitoring, how it works, the different types of alerting policies. Watch this video to learn how to create metric based alerts for Google cloud products.

Hector's Asset Tracking Software - How to subscribe ?

Do you have asset tracking issues? Do you spend hours updating your inventory on an Excel file? Introducing Hector, your ultimate asset manager. This short video will give you an overview on how you can subscribe to our solution. Our software is regularly updated with feedback from our users. Choose a solution that fits your needs! Hector is a SaaS solution that can be customized to your needs. Free yourself from the constraints of inventory management and choose a solution that suits you.

Installation Guide: Aqua Security on DKP

In this installation guide, learn how to get Aqua Security up and running on D2iQ Kubernetes Platform. D2iQ, the leading enterprise Kubernetes provider for smart cloud-native applications, has partnered with Aqua Security, the largest pure-play cloud-native security company, to enable organizations to create a seamless DevSecOps experience that accelerates the deployment of secure smart cloud-native applications – and helps stop cloud native attacks.

Prepare Don't Panic! How to Build a Resilient Security Posture with Automation

Since the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, delivering exceptional digital customer experiences has become mission critical for businesses in a broad array of verticals. All too often, however, the race to build, change and deploy features increases the incidence of customer-impacting service disruptions. Today’s DevOps, SRE and operations teams are struggling to keep up. Yet the business’s ability to provide seamless and reliable digital services to customers has never been more important to its success.

How to Run Apache Solr in Docker Containers | Setup Tutorial for Beginners - Sematext

Solr is one of the most powerful and popular open-source search engines. And being able to put Solr in docker is an absolute must for anyone looking to get into DevOps. In this video tutorial, we will discuss the benefits of putting solr in containers, the 2 types of architecture solr can utilize, and containerize solr cloud in docker.