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How to install the Site24x7 APM Insight Node.js agent

This video will walk you through the process of installing the Site24x7 APM Insight Node.js agent. The APM Insight Node.js agent automatically instruments supported frameworks (like Express, Koa, and Hapi) and records interesting events, like HTTP requests, database queries, errors, exceptions, web API calls, and remote calls. This installation method works in both Linux and Windows environments. Related notes and links

How to verify the license key for a .NET application

Learn how to verify the license key when the.NET monitor fails to be created in the Site24x7 web client. About Site24x7 Site24x7 offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and ITOps. Monitor the experience of real users accessing websites and applications from desktop and mobile devices. Site24x7's in-depth monitoring capabilities enable DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers, and network infrastructures (including private and public clouds). End-user experience monitoring is done from over 90 locations across the world and various wireless carriers.

Make your ITSM more efficient with PagerDuty and ServiceNow

Putting PagerDuty between your monitoring systems, CI/CD systems—really, anything emitting events about your digital environment— and your ServiceNow CMDB opens the door for better event management and correlation, incident response automation, advanced analytics and more, helping you service distributed and central teams together for faster turnaround and better customer experience.

Github Checksums and Broken Pipelines: How to Prevent Disruptions

This week, GitHub changed how the archives they provided are made. The result of this change surprised developers, triggering pipeline failures all over the world in most ecosystems. This change has thankfully been retracted. Hear from JFrog Developer Advocate, Christopher McArthur on why this took place and the best practices to prevent future disruptions to your pipelines.

How to create a document schema for product variants and SKUs with Elastic Enterprise Search

Learn more about product variants and SKUs and how to display a product hierarchy in search results using Elastic Enterprise Search. This technical demo shows how to index products for search, group variants, and add an in-stock filter. Additional Resources.

Introduction to Splunk Log Observer

This video provides an overview of Splunk Log Observer. See use cases for Splunk Log Observer, and how to send log data to Splunk Log Observer. Learn Log Observer concepts such as filtering and browsing log messages, finding trends in log data through aggregation functions, and facilitating team collaboration through saved queries. See examples of how to navigate Splunk Log Observer and how to use Log Observer for root cause analysis.