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How Well Do You Know the Orion Platform? Tips, Tricks, and How-Tos - SolarWinds Lab Episode #85

How much do you really know about the Orion® Platform? Regardless of your level of expertise, even the most seasoned user will learn a thing or two in this episode. We'll go through dashboards, customizations, features, functions, you name it. Learn from SolarWinds® Orion Platform experts, ask them questions, and share your own pro tips during live chat and Q&A.

Feature Tour: VMs in Google Cloud

This video demonstrates jobs in Rundeck that can create a VM in Google Cloud, list VMs in a GCP project, and delete VMs in a GCP project. It uses Python to talk to the Google API. Python is popular because it can be used on Windows and Linux. Other scripting languages can be used. These jobs use the 'options' feature of Rundeck to specify things like the project name, VM name, etc.