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Intro to Netdata Overview for monitoring and troubleshooting your IT infrastructure

Learn how to get started monitoring and troubleshooting your entire Cloud infrastructure with Netdata. In this video, we'll show you how to utilize the Netdata Overview dashboard to gain visibility into the performance, availability, and health of your infrastructure from a single pane of glass. Navigate from a real-time, unified display of all your systems and applications to discover trends and gain better observability, then drill down by grouping metrics by node for root cause analysis.

Nightmare on AWS street: mistakes we made and overcoming challenges of starting out with serverless

Tobi started building on AWS in 2018 for a big migration project for a very well-known German car manufacturer. Here's what he's learned from his mistakes from first starting out, which of his assumptions about building on serverless held true, and what came as a complete surprise? Learn more about building on serverless on our blog.

How to use metrics scopes in Cloud Monitoring

You've got Cloud Monitoring all set up in your project - but what do you do if you need to manage multiple projects and unify monitoring across them? In this episode of Engineering for Reliability, we look at Cloud Monitoring metrics scopes and show you how to use them to monitor multiple Cloud projects. Watch to learn how to use the Cloud Console to manage Metrics Scopes, view metrics from resources in multiple projects, and automate configurations using the API!

Application Whitelisting | How to whitelist applications with ManageEngine Application Control Plus

Application whitelisting is the process of limiting the applications running in the network to only what is absolutely trusted. It follows the Default Deny strategy where all applications other than the trusted ones get blocked automatically. ManageEngine Application Control Plus seamlessly acts as an application whitelisting solution that leverages the rule-based policies offered to facilitate easy list building and maintenance. The rules offered by this application whitelisting tool can be based on trusted vendors, product name, file hash, verified executables, store apps and folder path.