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Lessons Learned from Accidental Open Source Success with Ryan Clements

In this video, Ryan Clements from Byte Bot shares his experience integrating Storybook and Next.js. Discover the lessons he learned about automation, documentation, and open-source community engagement. Whether you're a developer or interested in software engineering, this talk offers valuable insights.

Long-Term IT Security Strategies

Watch the full session at: slrwnds.com/TC24 Playing 4D Chess: The Modern IT Story Knight to E-4. Security professionals consistently make moves to fend off attackers. Unlike chess, it takes a team effort to keep up against modern cybersecurity threats and implement changes company-wide. Two pros take you through a day in the life of the security team. Hear practical use cases to help you and your organization improve your security stance. Check and mate.

Release Notes Aggregator

Join Chrystal Taylor from SolarWinds as she introduces a game-changing tool for your upgrade planning—the Release Notes Aggregator! Discover how this handy feature can help you keep track of all the new features and fixes since your last upgrade, making your upgrade process smoother and more informed. What's Inside: Introduction to the Release Notes Aggregator Step-by-step guide on how to use the tool.

SolarWinds Platform 2024 2 Update

In this video, join Sasha as we dive into the seamless update process from version 2024.1 to 2024.2. Whether you're a tech newbie or a seasoned IT pro, see how easy and efficient it is to perform online updates without the hassle of visiting the server room! Key Highlights: Step-by-step walkthrough of the update process Tips for handling lab environments vs. production systems Essential security recommendations you need to know.

Web Performance Monitoring Recorder Migration

Upgrade Your Web Performance Monitoring with SolarWinds 2024.2! Join Crystal Taylor, SolarWinds evangelist, as she shares exciting news about the latest enhancements in web performance monitoring! If you've been using our WPM transaction recorder, it's time to embrace the future with our updated Chromium-based recorder. What's Inside: Overview of the transition from Internet Explorer to Chromium.

Real World Software Development: Finding, Reproducing, and Fixing Bugs

Veteran developers and staff engineers at InfluxData, Nga Tran and Andrew Lamb, have an honest conversation about dealing with software bugs. Bugs can be frustrating, but they can also be thrilling. They are a sign that people are actually using your software - and that's a good thing! Andrew and Nga talk through a recent bug their team encountered, how they approached resolving the issue, and what considerations go into building a permanent fix.