Cybersecurity Fundamentals - Threat and Attack Terminology

In the first post of this blog series, we’ll cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity, and understanding basic terminology so you can feel comfortable “talking the talk.” Over the next few weeks, we’ll build on this introductory knowledge, and review more complex terms and methodologies that will help you build confidence in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.

Correlsense Recognized as a Key Innovator in AIOps Platform Market

MarketsandMarkets recently released a report on the AIOps platform market, which predicts that the total size of the AIOps platform market will be a USD 11.02 billion by 2023. In their research, they discovered that the major players in this space have leveraged partnerships, integrations and collaboration to deliver strong AIOps platform and its associated services in this growing market.


How engineering firms use OneDesk to track customer tickets and projects

As with any business that serves customers, engineering firms need to have the ability to track the work that they do at the request of their customers and for projects. As a project manager, you need to enable your engineers to do what they love to do, while tracking their work, and keeping them free of management headaches. There is no better way to do this than with a software suite like OneDesk, which allows you to track everything in one place.


Are your employees oversharing on Slack?

Deploying modern, digital workplace solutions have become a prerequisite to increased team collaboration. One of the most visible (and obvious) examples of this are messaging and chat applications. Where email was once the tool of choice for internal team communication, services like Slack have today become the default option for many. However, I’ve noticed a disturbing shift in the way these tools are used.


The Only Good Reason to Adopt Microservices

Given blogosphere chatter and a few well-propagated success stories, many large software engineering organizations are plotting a path towards microservices. Unfortunately, it’s not clear that they all understand why they’re doing so. I’ve heard shallow rationalizations about performance, “cleanliness,” and even blind imitation of well-known practices at Google and elsewhere. I rarely hear people citing the one truly excellent reason to adopt microservices though: shipping their org chart.


5 ways to make the most of Jira Software and Bitbucket

In a recent study of software development teams using Jira Software, we found those that integrate with Bitbucket release 14% faster than those that don’t. For many industries where the pace of change is rapid and the market incredibly competitive, it’s this speed that can separate the great products in the eyes of users from the merely “good” ones.


An Introduction to Elasticsearch SQL with Practical Examples - Part 1

The version 6.3 release of the Elastic Stack represented one of the most feature rich releases in recent memory. If the opening of X-Pack and addition of rollups weren’t enough to get you excited, we announced the addition of SQL support as a experimental feature. This represents one of the most sought after and requested features in Elasticsearch’s relatively short history.