Jul 25, 2018
Allentown, PA, USA

AlertBot provides a fully integrated monitoring platform that can monitor all of your websites, web applications, mobile sites and services all in one place. Nothing to install, nothing to maintain.

Our AlertBot® service allows businesses to continuously monitor the availability and performance of their public Internet services from around the country and around the world. When AlertBot detects a problem with a business’ websites or servers, the AlertBot service analyzes the problem within seconds from multiple geographic locations and delivers real-time alerts to the business’ system administrators via devices like cell phones and pagers. This allows administrators to fix issues quickly and deliver the uptime and performance their companies expect and their customers demand.

Jun 7, 2018   |  By AlertBot
Most of us are blissfully unaware of the technical feats happening in the background when we browse to a webpage.
Feb 22, 2018   |  By AlertBot
Congratulations, you have just leveraged an awesome Software as a Solution (SaaS) service for your organization. Perhaps you have implemented a popular application – like Office 365, SalesForce or Dropbox – to support your staff and enhance collaboration between teams.
Nov 7, 2017   |  By AlertBot
Whether it’s on our homepage, service pages, in our blog articles, on our e-commerce sites –images are essential to driving sales, conversions and ultimately company growth.
Oct 25, 2017   |  By AlertBot
AlertBot’s multi-step web recorder, which has been available to Windows users for several years and now supports Mac users, is a fast, easy and reliable way to verify that all interactions on a website are working properly.