Aug 17, 2018
Houston, TX, USA
Feb 21, 2019   |  By Graylog
It’s Sunday afternoon, and you’re having a nice relaxing weekend, sitting down watching your favorite sporting event. While enjoying the game, you get a high alert email on your phone, noting something’s going on and you need to jump into action. What do you do in these high stress times? Every second counts, and everyone is waiting on you to tell them what’s happening.
Feb 14, 2019   |  By Graylog
Over the past several months, our team has been hard at work building the best log management solution out there. Introducing new features like Views, reporting, and script alerts, alongside updates to content packs, the Sidecar, and pipeline rules, Version 3.0 will knock your socks off. Read on for the nitty-gritty details.
Jan 31, 2019   |  By Graylog
If you maintain a regular practice of keeping log data, you probably have an established way of observing event logs in real time or you do it by using batch processing. There are two ways you can monitor event logs: manually and automatically. By monitoring event logs, you can gain deeper insight into system metrics, localize process bottlenecks, and detect security vulnerabilities. What are some other advantages of event log monitoring, and how can you get the most out of it?
Jan 30, 2019   |  By Graylog
Today we are releasing the first release candidate of Graylog v3.0. This release brings a whole new content pack system, an overhauled collector sidecar, reporting capabilities, improved alerting with greater flexibility, a new script alert notification plugin, support for Elasticsearch 6.x, a preview version of an awesome new search page called Views, and tons of other improvements and bug fixes.
Jan 28, 2019   |  By Graylog
The right log aggregation tools can go a long way towards maintaining and improving an existing system easily and efficiently. Log management systems are much more than just a (fantastic) source of business intelligence to enhance your enterprise’s performance. They’re a terrific solution to alleviate that tremendous pain that comes with all those “programming archaeology” efforts required to search for that minuscule, slippery, and untraceable bug that is haunting you.
Jan 18, 2019   |  By Graylog
When it comes to security data enrichment, it's helpful to think beyond threat intelligence. This white paper explores viable standard and advanced third-party intelligence enrichment sources that are often overlooked.
Jan 1, 2019   |  By Graylog
When alerts go unheeded or don’t deliver next steps on how to mitigate threats, SIEM can become an expensive and ineffective tool.
Jan 1, 2019   |  By Graylog
In this guide, what to consider when selecting a source of threat intelligence and how to make threat intelligence work for your organization.
Dec 1, 2018   |  By Graylog
The previous data protection directive passed long before the Internet became the primary marketplace for businesses. In light of recent data and privacy issues, consumers demand higher standards for more security.
Dec 1, 2018   |  By Graylog
This paper examines the critical criteria to consider when evaluating tools for managing your data. There are compelling reasons why Graylog is the best choice for log management and analysis.
Sep 29, 2017   |  By Graylog
Lennart Koopmann, Derbycon 2017
Aug 11, 2017   |  By Graylog
Lennart Koopmann and Taylor Rhoades talk about the new features in Graylog v2.3.0. In this release, we introduced lookup tables and support for Elasticsearch 5 which includes the AWS Elasticsearch service.
Mar 16, 2017   |  By Graylog
Lennart Koopmann and Taylor Rhoades talk about the new features in Graylog v2.2.
Dec 14, 2016   |  By Graylog
Graylog Enterprise, built on top of the Graylog open source platform, offers additional features that enable users to deploy Graylog at enterprise scale and apply Graylog to processes and workflows across the whole organization.