Dec 19, 2018
Mountain View, CA, USA
Mar 13, 2019   |  By Andre Newman
Alerts are a core part of monitoring systems. Using alerts keeps you aware of changes within your infrastructure and applications, helping you identify and respond to issues faster. Log management solutions like LogDNA provide an ideal environment for configuring alerts, since it allows you to create detailed alerts based on your log data. Rather than manually search for problems, you can use alerts to scan your log data in real-time and receive immediate notifications on potential problems.
Mar 12, 2019   |  By Greg Swift
One of my former teammates approached me the other day (and by other day i mean like 3 months ago) and asked ‘Am I thinking about this right? Kubernetes is actually akin to the Linux Kernel. So Rancher and OpenShift are distributions of Kubernetes. And for a supported enterprise application I’m more likely to use a more enterprise focused distribution than a DIY distribution, yeah?’ To which I responded ‘Yep, you hit the nail on the head’.
Mar 11, 2019   |  By Nagi Eroglu
Many of our users are responsible for monitoring logs to detect sudden changes in volume or to control the budget. To help you with this goal, we’re excited to announce new enhancements to our usage dashboard.
Mar 5, 2019   |  By LogDNA
The number of open source components in proprietary apps continues to rise—a 2018 code audit found that there were 257 open source components per proprietary application. The same audit found that 57 percent of the average proprietary application codebase was open source.
Feb 28, 2019   |  By LogDNA
Views may seem straightforward at first, but they hide a lot of power. On a very basic level, a view is a shortcut to a specific search query or filter. You can use views to display only a subset of logs, create alerts and graphs, export specific events, and even embed your log event feed on another website. In this post, we’ll present several tips and tricks for making the most out of views.
Dec 19, 2018   |  By LogDNA
A growing number of log management solutions available on the market today are offered as cloud-only services. Although cloud logging has its benefits, many organizations have requirements that can only be fulfilled with self-hosted/on-premises log management systems.
Dec 19, 2018   |  By LogDNA
Here’s a complete guide covering all core components to help you choose the best log management system for your organization. From scalability, deployment, compliance, and cost, to on-prem or cloud logging, we identify the key questions to ask as you evaluate log management and analysis providers.
Nov 1, 2018   |  By LogDNA
Despite having an extensive feature set and being open source, organizations are beginning to realize that a free ELK license is not free after all. Rather, it comes with many hidden costs due to hardware requirements and time constraints that easily add to the total cost of ownership (TCO). Here, we uncover the true cost of running the Elastic Stack on your own vs using a hosted log management service.
Jan 31, 2019   |  By LogDNA
In this live webinar, our Product Manager, Nagi Eroglu covers LogDNA's most functional, useful features from start to finish. From onboarding, sending logs, and searching log lines, to creating views, graphs, and visuals, we'll kick start you into a LogDNA power user in no-time.
Nov 15, 2018   |  By LogDNA
Webinar explaining how to achieve custom parsing using LogDNA.
Nov 5, 2018   |  By LogDNA
We recently rebuilt our graphing engine and shipped a new set of tools that are live in your LogDNA account today! Graphing 2.0 improves stability and enables new features that provide deeper insights and visualizations into your log data.
Oct 4, 2018   |  By LogDNA
LogDNA is uniquely positioned to have enabled thousands of customers to gain deep insights into their DevOps infrastructure. As the industry has shifted to microservices and Kubernetes we have helped our customers migrate and deploy world-class infrastructure. Based on our experience we see three main pillars when it comes to the future of DevOps: Monitoring, Analytics, and Logging.
Sep 7, 2018   |  By LogDNA
Instantly collect, centralize, and analyze logs from all sources - apps, cloud services, and servers. Whether you're looking to upgrade your ELK Stack or benefit from cost-effective, enterprise-grade log management software, LogDNA maintains all the necessary features you need in one intuitive, blazing fast platform.