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October 2023

How To Profile and Optimize Telemetry Data: A Deep Dive

We recently had the privilege of presenting our telemetry data pipelining platform at Cloud Field Day. Today, we'd like to share a recap of our demo with you. In this demo, we explore the transformative potential of data profiling, telemetry pipeline optimization, and incident response. Foundationally, we follow an Understand, Optimize, and Respond workflow.

Introducing Mezmo Edge

Mezmo Edge enables users to deploy telemetry pipelines and process data in their own environment. A significant advancement in Mezmo’s capabilities, Edge is especially useful when working with sensitive medical or financial records. Organizations that need to comply with PCI, GDPR, or CCPA or that generally work with PII will benefit from Edge’s secure approach to data protection. Edge also provides the telemetry data optimization benefits of a pipeline without cloud data egress charges.