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April 2020

Introducing the New LogDNA Agent for Kubernetes

On the internet, nothing necessarily stays easy, simple, and reliable forever – but we’re trying to keep it that way for your logs. When our customers use Kubernetes, they want to remain focused on the real challenges of scaling, and avoid infrastructure headaches, so that they can adapt to the unexpected easily and with a minimum of toil. That’s why we continue to invest in the LogDNA Agent. It’s built to handle file logging in even the most intensive Kubernetes deployments.

Store and Show Raw Log Lines

LogDNA is adding the ability to store and view raw lines, allowing customers to debug with logs in their unaltered form. If you’ve ever looked at your logs and noticed that the timestamp was different than what you expected, it is usually due to a long latency between the event and processing time of the logs. Depending on the size of the latency, we may update the log timestamp to order them accurately and to provide a cleaner and more intuitive search experience.