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April 2022

Get More Value From Your Logs Without Compromising Costs

Everyone at LogDNA is (unsurprisingly) obsessed with the power of log data. It is the single source of truth for what is happening in your environment and, when used correctly, provides the insights needed to deliver better experiences. Now more than ever, people across various teams understand the value of having easy access to log data within key workflows.

Top Trends in Cybersecurity 2022: A Gartner Report

Gartner recently released a report highlighting the top trends in cybersecurity for 2022. They discuss how businesses must reframe their security practices, rethink their technology, and adopt new responses to modern threats. This is in line with DevSecOps trends that we see in the market and hear about from our customers. Companies that are working in this way are taking a more holistic approach to cybersecurity by adopting tools that speed up and, when possible, automate security.