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December 2018

How Fluentd compares to LogDNA

Observing modern applications is challenging. Microservices allow for applications that are not only more distributed but are made up of a number of different languages, frameworks, and backend services. DevOps teams have far greater flexibility in where and how they deploy applications,but when it comes time to collect logs, this flexibility can quickly become a hurdle.

Latest Marriott Breach Puts Focus on GDPR

A massive data breach at Marriott and Starwood Hotels and Resorts has put the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) back in the spotlight. As the hotel chain faces record fines under the GDPR, privacy experts are again extolling the importance of secure log management practices to avoid suffering a similar fate as Starwood.

Dynamically Provisioning Local Storage in Kubernetes

At LogDNA, we’re all about speed. We need to ingest, parse, index, and archive several terabytes of data per second. To reach these speeds, we need to find and implement innovative solutions for optimizing all steps of our pipeline, especially when it comes to storing data.

LogDNA Announces $25 Million Series B Investment Led By Emergence Capital

Stan Lee believed in the power of strength in numbers, that a group working together can create a force so powerful it’s unstoppable; from “X-Men” to “Avengers”, these teams had a pioneering spirit, heroic work ethics, and group thinking that surpasses individual brainpower almost every time. Today marks that day when the LogDNA superhero team becomes even stronger. I’m excited to announce that we have closed our Series B round of financing.

GDPR Log Management - Compliant Logging Best Practices

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was authored in 2016 and became applicable on May 25th of 2018. You can read the regulation in its entirety in this PDF. If you have legal questions about GDPR and how it applies to your organization, you should seek the advice of a professional who is familiar with the regulation.