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November 2023

Introducing Responsive Pipelines from Mezmo

The ability to swiftly resolve incidents is central to SREs responsible for a service's reliability and its users' satisfaction. Mezmo has recognized this need and, at Kubecon, unveiled an innovative solution: Mezmo Responsive Pipelines. Responsive Pipelines enable users to pre-configure a Pipeline to respond automatically in the case of an incident.

My First Kubecon - Tales of the K8's community, DE&I, sustainability, and OTel

I went to my first Kubecon ever this last week. If you’re not familiar with Kubecon, it is a convention that is around Kubernetes, a Cloud Native Community Foundation (CNCF) open source project. With this being my first Kubecon ever, it was an adventure all around building community, education, kindness, and of course, a love for Kubernetes technology.