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Understand & Optimize Your Telemetry Data (Subtitled)

The explosion of telemetry data also massively increases your data bill. Teams also cannot control the data they do not understand and often lack the capabilities to act on it once it is understood. Mezmo makes it easier to understand and optimize your data. It helps reduce unnecessary noise and cost, and improve the quality of your data, so that your developers and engineers can consistently deliver on their service level objectives.

Data Profiling The Secret Map of Your Telemetry Data Landscape

As data volumes proliferate and costs of data grow, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find the signal in all the noise. Telemetry data -- metrics, logs and traces -- are key to making sound, data-driven decisions, troubleshooting systems issues and maintaining uptime, but it's easy to get overwhelmed. Data profiling shows you exactly where your good data is coming from, how to save what's relevant and discard what's not and slash your data management and storage expenses.

MANTL and LogDNA Roundtable

Hear from James Qualls, Director of Engineering at MANTL, on how LogDNA is empowering the developers on his team to own their monitoring. MANTL found that once developers could own their logging and monitoring, the infrastructure team and application architecture team were able to work better together. For MANTL, the ability to remove bottlenecks and scale using LogDNA meant they were able to respond to the needs of their customers quickly and enable more people to bank from the safety of their own homes.