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January 2023

Webinar Recap: How Observability Impacts SRE, Development, and Security Teams

In today’s fast paced and constantly evolving digital landscape, observability has become a critical component of effective software development. Companies are relying more on and using machine and telemetry data to fix customer problems, refine software and applications, and enhance security. However, while more data has empowered teams with more insights, the value derived from that data isn’t keeping pace with this growth. So how can these teams derive more value from telemetry data?

Achieving Full Observability With Telemetry Data

In today's digital age, organizations increasingly depend on their technology infrastructure to keep their operations running smoothly. These infrastructures include servers, networking equipment, IoT devices, and applications. The data generated by all this infrastructure (logs, metrics, traces) is known as telemetry data, which has a tremendous potential value to organizations. However, it can be challenging to control telemetry data and utilize it effectively.

How Developers Use Observability Pipelines

In data management, numerous roles rely on and regularly use telemetry data. The developer is one of these roles. Developers are the creative masterminds behind the software applications and systems we use and enjoy today. From conception to finished product, they map out, build, test, and maintain software.

The Year of the Observability Pipeline

As we begin the new year, it is customary to reflect and identify areas we can continue to grow in 2023. Whether it’s joining the local gym, starting a new diet, or taking up a new hobby, this time is always full of promise to continually improve. The same can be said for digital businesses of every size and across every vertical. Macroeconomic trends have especially made this time one of reflection for a number of organizations.