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March 2019

LogDNA Guide: Putting Alerts into Practice

Alerts are a core part of monitoring systems. Using alerts keeps you aware of changes within your infrastructure and applications, helping you identify and respond to issues faster. Log management solutions like LogDNA provide an ideal environment for configuring alerts, since it allows you to create detailed alerts based on your log data. Rather than manually search for problems, you can use alerts to scan your log data in real-time and receive immediate notifications on potential problems.

K8S is the Kernel

One of my former teammates approached me the other day (and by other day i mean like 3 months ago) and asked ‘Am I thinking about this right? Kubernetes is actually akin to the Linux Kernel. So Rancher and OpenShift are distributions of Kubernetes. And for a supported enterprise application I’m more likely to use a more enterprise focused distribution than a DIY distribution, yeah?’ To which I responded ‘Yep, you hit the nail on the head’.