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Meeting the Data-Related Challenges of Your Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the process of moving digital assets, including data and applications, to a remote server or “cloud.” Organizations use erwin Cloud Catalyst to simplify and accelerate cloud migration. One common example of a cloud migration is the transfer of data from an on-premise data center to a public, cloud-computing environment. As organizations become increasingly digital and data-driven, cloud migrations are becoming more common.

Prepare and Recover from any Active Directory catastrophe

Mistakes, cyber attacks and disasters happen, and without a recovery plan, an Active Directory disaster can stop your business in its tracks. But see in just two minutes how you can prepare and recover from any AD disaster with Quest® Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition.

SQL Optimization

Using Foglight and SQL Optimizer you can identify poorly performing queries and rewrite them or generate a more efficient execution plan. First, use Performance Investigator to identify and select the query you wish to tune, i.e., by number of executions, IO, CPU time, etc. The video explains how to use SQL Optimizer for better query performance.