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Building Intuition About Your Architecture Using Observability | Destination: Scale

Modern environments such as Kubernetes and serverless have made it easy to manage and scale microservices, but observability into these environments is still a challenge for developers and operators. In this session, we will describe how to use request flows to build intuition about your architecture for development, troubleshooting and monitoring. We will also dive into correlating metrics, events and logs using distributed tracing and alerts for anomalies detected in your environments.

Creating an Observability Strategy via Distributed Tracing | SKILup Days Cloud-Native and Serverless

Observability is becoming challenging for the DevOps and Engineering teams in the new age of the microservices and cloud-native world. In this session, we will discuss the challenges in achieving observability for modern applications and strategies to achieve them. We will explore how distributed tracing helps reduce MTTD/R, thus increasing developer velocity. Finally, we will review the steps to achieving observability at scale for modern applications.

Observability Strategy: A Must-Have in the Microservices World | DeveloperWeek 2021

The evolution of architecture from monolithic to microservices-based has enabled organizations to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers. The need for getting insights into these microservices has become critical for developers and operations teams alike. In this session, we will explore how observability plays a critical role in the microservices world. We will deep dive into distributed tracing to achieve full observability and monitoring for production environments. Finally, we will discuss the checklist that every DevOps person should look into for incorporating observability into their environment.

Observability for Node.js: Troubleshoot API Errors and Reduce MTTD/R | Node Congress

The benefits of Node.js to develop real-time applications at scale are very well known. As Node.js architectures get more and more complex, visualization of your microservices-based architecture is crucial. However, the visualization of microservices is incredibly complex given the scale and the transactions across them. In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage service maps to instantly understand your architecture and troubleshoot any API error.

The Open-Source Observability Playbook | DeveloperWeek New York

Observability contains many aspects - metrics, logging, tracing, alerts, and more. There are so many open-source tools to accomplish these tasks but which are considered the right ones? And what are the best practices? In this session, we’ll discuss why observability within distributed systems is essential to understand how your application is performing and ensure reliability at all times. We’ll also review the most popular open-source monitoring tools, and explain the Whys, Whats, and Hows in your observability journey.