G-Loot leads esports with real-time data and analytics

G-Loot, a Stockholm-based esports startup, is shaking up the world of electronic sports by challenging the status quo idea that only the top players can win prize money in a video game competition. They’re making it possible for gamers to improve their skills and get rewarded playing games they already enjoy. As an overlay on top of a player’s game, G-Loot receives an enormous amount of data from multiple sources.

uptime robot

How to check if an item is back in stock?

Are you one of those trying to desperately get your hands on a new RTX 3080, 3070, 3060 Ti, & 3090 in 2021? Or maybe you prefer the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X console. Basically, any item that’s on pre-sale or hard to get (including the uniquely designed piece of clothing for your girlfriend). If your favorite e-shop doesn’t have a “watchdog”, we have the best solution for you. Now how would you know it’s already back in stock? There’s an easy way!

Mobile Gaming: how to give customers the optimum online experience

Online gamers have the most demanding realtime expectations. Mobile gaming now the largest sector of app store purchases, accounting for 42% of a $109 billion marketplace. It's vital that game developers offer a level of mobile performance that delivers an optimum realtime experience for every user. This white paper highlights some of the UX issues that can undermine your company's ability to do this effectively.

How to Debug Your Unity Videogame

We’re going to investigate the basic strategies to debug an application created with Unity, from logs to breakpoints, during the development stage. Once an app is in production we can switch to using Bugfender, and we’ll explain this too. To illustrate this tutorial we have created a custom app called The Bugfender Game, a variation of the popular Flappy Bird. Unity is a cross-platform game engine that gives users the ability to create games and experiences in 2D, 3D, VR and AR.


If you want to succeed in gaming, don't play games with security

Video game security risks are on the rise. Building security into your software development life cycle can help protect your reputation and customers. You’re supposed to have fun and relax when you’re playing video games—maybe with a bit of self-generated competitive stress. What you’re not supposed to do is have to worry about a hacker stealing your personal and financial information.


Why gambling / betting industry (websites) need a constant remote monitoring?

The online gambling industry (which includes casino games, poker, and sports betting) is growing pretty fast, with no signs of it slowing down. More and more people have access to the Internet via mobile phones or PCs, and people like to gamble. Around 51% of the world’s population are involved in some gambling form.

The Central Source of Truth: Fall Guys and Mediatonic

Mediatonic is a sprawling video game studio based in the UK, with a number of successful titles to their name: Heavenstrike Rivals, Gears POP!, and Murder by Numbers among them. In 2020, they struck gold again with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. But this game would be special, and the need of handling these kinds of gaming logs at this kind of scale would be, too. This battle royal-style fighting game pits 60 players against each other until one reigns supreme.


Using data to create better gaming experiences at FACEIT

From posting content, sharing match highlights, finding teams, and playing games with friends, there’s a lot users can do on the FACEIT platform. When broken down, all that activity translates into approximately 18 million users, 60 million monthly sessions, 800,000 daily active users, and around 270,000 peak concurrent users. In other words, a lot of data.


The PS5 Launch Breaks The Internet

It’s PS5 launch day and dedicated fans have been queuing all morning to get their hands on the limited number of consoles available. So far, we’ve seen John Lewis, Tesco, Currys PC World, Game and Argos struggle under the enormity of tens of thousands of visitors. John Lewis was offline entirely while those with a queuing system in place found that slowing the flow of traffic alone was not enough to protect retailers from over selling stock.


How IPM Platforms Improve Video Game Development

share post Gaming is a vast industry that is continuing to grow. Multi-player cloud-based games especially are becoming more popular and taking the market by storm. With everything going on in the world, it’s no wonder people are looking for a bit of downtime and a way to escape the tribulations of everyday life. Game developers face many challenges in order to get their games on the screens of as many global players as possible.