Optimized: Using A JavaScript (JS) Profiler For Improved Performance

No matter what you’re coding, there’s always room to optimize your code and improve performance. This can be a painstaking process, and if you’re going over your code line by line you’d better cancel all your plans and forget about getting any sleep! Fortunately, there are better ways to examine and optimize your code. A JS profiler is an efficient tool to help you understand your code better – effectively finding, pinpointing and optimizing bottlenecks in your code.


Debugging Ruby Applications with Instana AutoProfile Production Profiler

In the latest Instana release (Instana Release 201), AutoProfile for Ruby is generally available. This allows teams developing and supporting Ruby based applications to continuously collect and analyze CPU profiles, without modification to their applications[1]. To help acquaint you with how AutoProfile for Ruby can enhance your observability workflows, let’s walk through a simple example of when profiling can enhance our tracing experience.


What is the best way to profile a Java application in eclipse

Java profiling in Eclipse allows you to optimize your code, streamline your application, and better understand your program. When profiling your application using a line-level analysis, you can reveal the slowest line within a sluggish piece of code, helping you efficiently troubleshoot problems. There are a variety of platforms for profiling Java eclipse. Eclipse is a popular software and is especially valuable for beginners due to its clean interface and free and open-source background.


Why Python cProfile is the Recommended Profiling Interface

Performance optimization is a basic need for software development. When it comes to optimizing app performance, tracking frequency, maintaining production, or perpetuation method calls, profilers play a vital role. Learn why Python cProfile is a recommended profiling interface and how it enhances your software performance.


How to Choose the Best Performance Profiling Tools

You finish writing your code and launch your application. Then, you begin experiencing performance issues. How can you fix this? It doesn’t matter how talented your development team is, every code should always be analyzed, debugged, and reviewed to make it run faster. What you need is a performance profiling tool. In this article, you will learn about performance profiling and how to determine the best performance profiling tools for your software.


Profiling Schrödinger's Code

In modern software development and operations, everything can be monitored. This isn’t a matter of technology. If you want to monitor something, you can. However, modern monitoring tools come with a price, and while sometimes that price isn’t too high, at other times the cost can be unbearable. For example, an APM tool that monitors your server’s health with CPU and memory metrics is pretty cheap and non-intrusive.


Using Instana AutoProfile to Optimize Application Performance

I was inspired by Marcel and others writing about life of SRE at Instana and how our SRE team uses Instana in their daily work to keep the Instana SAAS platform running smoothly. But Instana is not just a tool for Site Reliability Engineering. It’s also a tool for developers. With this blog post, I want to give you a glimpse of how Instana developers use Instana to continuously improve Instana.


How Mercari reduced request latency by 15% with Cloud Profiler

The events of 2020 have accelerated ecommerce, increasing demand for and traffic on online marketplaces. Analyst eMarketer predicts that ecommerce sales in the United States will grow 18% in 2020, against an overall fall in total retail sales of 10.5% for the year. Likewise, our business—Japan-headquartered consumer-to-consumer marketplace Mercari Inc—is growing rapidly. In the United States alone, we have seen 74% year-on-year growth in monthly average users to 3.4 million.


Introducing etrace - a multi-purpose application profiling tool

These days, the internal workings of Linux applications involve many different moving parts. Sometimes, it can be rather difficult to debug them when things go wrong or run slower than expected. Tracing an application’s execution is one way of understanding potential issues without diving into the source code. To this end, we wrote an app-tracing tool called etrace, designed to detect performance bottlenecks and runtime issues in snaps.