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Aiven workshop: Preparing and Using Data for AI with LangChain and OpenSearch

In this workshop we’ll work together to generate embeddings for podcast transcriptions and load that data into OpenSearch. Then we’ll search the documents using similarity search and use those results to improve our responses from an LLM (Large Language Model). Along the way we’ll explain the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) pattern and show how it’s possible to try different LLMs without having to completely rewrite your code.

Build to scale with Aiven!

In this session, we will show how to leverage Aiven for Dragonfly and Aiven for AI. First, we’ll discuss how to increase your throughput and reduce memory usage by 25% compared to open-source Redis. Then explore scalability, efficiency, and advanced capabilities ideal for caching, gaming leaderboards, messaging, AI applications, and more. After that, we’ll jump into Aiven’s latest AI use cases and cover.

Aiven for Dragonfly vs Aiven for Caching benchmarking

Aiven offers two powerful in-memory data stores - Aiven for Dragonfly and Aiven for Caching. In this post we help you make the optimal choice for your project. Speed is essential in the world of data access. When milliseconds matter, choosing the right in-memory data store can make or break your application's performance. This article delves into a head-to-head comparison of two prominent contenders that Aiven offers: Aiven for Dragonfly and Aiven for Caching.

Data Security and Compliance in 2024 and Beyond - OSDI Toronto May 2024

Jamie Arlen explores some of the guidance he gave over 5000 days ago to see if it still tracks. Jamie is the CISO of Aiven. He brings over 30 years of tech security experience to the conversation and provides a wealth of guidance to security team members future CISOs and tech-security-aware professionals. The following is a talk given at the Open Source Data Infrastructure Meetup in Toronto recorded 22 May 2024.

In Support of Anti-Abuse Operations - Allan Stojanovic - OSDI Toronto 22 May 2024

Allan Stojanovic gives us a look into the concerns of a Security Analysis and Response Engineer. In this talk, Allan shares how to think about abuse from day one and to understand the Who, What, When, Where, and Why, and How your platforms are susceptible to abuse.` Allan is a Staff Security Analysis and Response Engineer at Aiven. He has survived IT for over 30 years working in nearly every vertical doing may different roles, mostly in the Information Security field.

Securing Your Open Source Dependency Chain

Discover the two simple steps you can take to secure your open source dependency chain. Open-source software (OSS) has become the backbone of modern software development, empowering developers with a vast ecosystem of freely available libraries, frameworks and tools. However, as the old saying goes, ‘there's no such thing as a free lunch’, and the over reliance on OS components introduces significant security risks that can compromise the entire software supply chain.

Introducing Aiven's AI Database Optimizer: The First Built-In SQL Optimizer for Enhanced Performance

Increase database performance by 10x with an expert, AI-driven, professional available 24/7. An efficient data infrastructure is a vital component in building & operating scalable and performant applications that are widely adopted, satisfy customers, and ultimately, drive business growth. Unfortunately, the speed of new feature delivery coupled with a lack of database optimization knowledge is exposing organizations to high risk performance issues.

Welcome to the Data (R)evolution: Shaping Tomorrow's Technology

Data is the fuel that sparks innovation and transforms our world. It's powerful, undeniable, and the driving force of our future. Data (R)evolution, our new podcast series, delves into how data, innovation, and economics intersect within the dynamic realm of cloud technology. Hosts Janki Patel Westenberg and Francesco Tisiot navigate the currents of the data, platforms and AI revolution in thought-provoking conversations with experts at the forefront of change.