Compliance Monitoring: Leveraging Online Tools to Ensure Compliance in Regulated Industries

Compliance departments are beginning to turn to website monitoring tools to help bolster their compliance monitoring efforts as it’s become increasingly difficult for these firms to remain compliant with industry regulations in recent years.

How Companies in Highly-regulated Industries can use Website Monitoring Platforms to Mitigate Compliance Risk

The impact that recent and rapidly accelerating advancements in technology have had on how we do business is undeniable. As cloud services and mobile technology continue to grow and evolve, enterprises are continually presented with ways in which they can cut costs, reach new customers, and even monetize their offerings.

Introducing the All-New, Reimagined ChangeTower – Here’s What’s Changed

Meet the new ChangeTower. It’s everything that’s important to you across the internet, in one visual stream. Website content monitoring is about more than just knowing when a change occurs. It’s knowing what changes were made made and how they’re important to you.