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Request Metrics Evergreen

🚀 Today, the team at Request Metrics is changing the game in #webperformance with the introduction of Evergreen! Say goodbye to slow website performance and hello to your perfect green performance reports. 😫 Tired of your boss nagging you about improving your #CoreWebVitals? Say no more! Request Metrics Evergreen has got you covered and will have your boss off your back in no time.

How to Monitor Cross-Origin Resource Performance

Browsers provide detailed performance information about every resource a webpage loads. Most of this information is hidden during cross-origin requests however. This is a common problem since pages often load content from a variety of origins. Pages can access cross-origin timing information if an additional header is added to cross-origin responses.

Tracking your Core Web Vitals automatically

Request Metrics Launch Week Day 2 - Core Web Vital Tracking Real-time Core Web Vital tracking. This is a game-changer. Request Metrics gives you real-time information about the Core Web Vitals, as your real-users experience them — everywhere in your website. AND we include the context about WHY something is slow, and where to look, so that the data is actionable and you can fix the problems.

Trying and failing and trying again

Starting software products is hard, and it’s easy to make mistakes. We’ve started a lot of products – and we’ve made a whole lot of mistakes along the way. But that’s not going to stop us. We’re stubborn like that. Today we are launching Request Metrics for the third time, and I’m reflecting on what we did wrong in the first two attempts, and how we’re going to be better, faster, and strong next time.

Real user performance monitoring, the easy way

Request Metrics Launch Week Day 1 - Real User Performance Monitoring. Real User Performance Monitoring from Request Metrics is a game-changer. It’s never been this easy to automatically get your performance reports, and with our data and alerts, you’ll know exactly when you need to act to protect your experience, boost your SEO, and increase the revenue of your site.