Motadata is an IT monitoring and management software that derives business insights by real-time processing, correlation and intelligent visualization of IT network and security information data.

What is ITSM? Align IT with Your Business Needs

In this age, businesses that provide the best service survive, and when technology becomes the only means to deliver the best service then IT service management is not a question of why but a must. ITSM enables organizations to build a business around better IT support structures, so they can create the best product or service experience. In this blog, we will talk about some of the fundamental questions around ITSM.


The new customer-centric customer service model

The new customer-centric customer service model—it’s all about resolving customer issues not efficiency and savings Are your customer service strategies shifting to align with enterprise digital transformation efforts across the business? If you’re still measuring customer service success based on how efficient and cheap it is to meet the needs of your customers, the answer likely is no.


Six trends driving customer service transformation

Customer service is changing. As we mentioned in our last blog post, channels don’t matter as much—the focus has shifted to customer service effectiveness instead of efficiency.  ThinkJar’s Esteban Kolsky recently spoke to customer service practitioners as part of his annual research project about the state of customer service. According to Esteban, practitioners identified six critical trends fueling customer service innovation.


Customer service is digitally transforming-Are you ready?

Everywhere you look, digital transformation initiatives are taking hold across the enterprise. Customer service is no exception. Today, new digital technology options mean customers expect choice, flexibility, speed, transparency, and personalization from the companies they do business with—expectations that are only increasing.


How Basware took their customer service to a new level

Basware is known for delivering leading edge financial software that cuts costs, increases efficiencies, and reduces risks to an enterprise’s global operations. They help customers simplify operations and spend smarter by automating procurement and finance processes. What makes their offerings world-class is both the capabilities they provide and the way they provide them.


Significance of AI & ML in Network Performance Monitoring

If you’re a tech geek you must have come across disrupting technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and IoT. These are the key buzz words since many years. With this blog we plan on kickstarting 2020 with the most sought-after question amongst IT administrators & DevOps team, “How will AI & ML benefit us?”, “What’s the role of AI in Networks?” & more. Well, let’s get started!


Employees are on board with on-boarding

A miserable first day on the job can often be worse for employers than it is for employees. In response to a 2018 survey from West Monroe, 45% of new hires said they rebooted their job search after their first day didn’t go as hoped.  There is an obvious—but not easy—solution to avoiding the mutual misery: a smooth onboarding process, which leaves a great impression and dispels any confusion that might tarnish it.


A look back at 2019: A road that led us to greater heights!

What a great year 2019 turned out to be for ManageEngine IT operations management (ITOM) solutions! This past year, we introduced new features to help improve the performance of network devices, VMs, applications, etc. for organizations of any size. On the note of organization size, we introduced three new editions this year, each designed to cater to the IT operations management requirements of organizations of different sizes.