Sep 20, 2018
Antwerp, Belgium
Nov 26, 2017   |  By Mattias Geniar
Ever since the launch of our DNS scan, we’ve had the warning about mismatched NS records. Many users choose to ignore this, but there’s a pretty good reason we give a big warning whenever those records don’t line up. In this blogpost, we’ll show what can happen with misconfigured NS records.
Nov 13, 2017   |  By Mattias Geniar
It’s been a bit quiet on the DNS Spy front lately, hasn’t it? Well, today is about to change that. We’ve launched a big update to DNS Spy. Mostly behind the scenes improvement, but certainly a few things everyone can enjoy!
Oct 3, 2017   |  By Mattias Geniar
Why pay for a service if you have no idea if it’s even good? We get that. We feel the same. Heck, I wouldn’t pay for something without trying it. When we cancelled our free tier a few weeks ago, we heard 2 dominant pieces of feedback: the need for a smaller plan and the need to test the service, before committing. The first we addressed with the Light plan, starting at 4.99€/month. The second we fix today.
Oct 2, 2017   |  By Mattias Geniar
When we announced we were cancelling our free tier few a few weeks ago, we got a lot of replies. Both publicly and privately, and we’d like to thank you all for the kind & valuable feedback we’ve been given! One overwhelming theme was the request for a smaller DNS Spy plan, to monitor less sites, that doesn’t start at 9.99€/month.
Sep 21, 2017   |  By Mattias Geniar
A blog is usually a place where companies brag about their achievements, how awesome an organization is to work at, the cool new clients they launched, … Our plan is make this blog pretty much the same, but before we get there – we have to make an announcement first. From now, there is no longer a free plan on DNS Spy.