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  |  By Sarah Morgan
Proponents of microservices claim more development velocity and reliability; more comprehensive test and vertical or horizontal scale with a container orchestrator; tons of flexibility around tool choice. They’re not wrong: When you build with a microservices architecture, you’re likely going to see cost improvements early in your software development life cycle (SDLC), driven mostly by the decoupling of services.
  |  By Lance Erickson
Slow code is everywhere—or maybe "anywhere. "Slowness" is a spectrum. Sometimes, you triumphantly move performance bottlenecks so that the bar for "slow" always gets lower. In our experience, though, things often trend in the other direction.
  |  By Jack Rothrock
Additionally, We didn’t need to make any changes to our infrastructure, except for adding the certificate and keys to the entities originating the requests from our private subnets. See below for troubleshooting techniques which can be useful when setting up mTLS..
  |  By Kumar Harsh
Django is one of the most popular web frameworks for building applications. Its elegance and flexibility make it a favorite among developers, enabling them to craft intricate applications with ease. However, as applications grow in complexity and user traffic grows, the need for active performance monitoring becomes imperative.
  |  By Doug Breaker
A Rails profiler is a tool used to analyze the performance of your Ruby on Rails application. It helps identify bottlenecks, memory leaks, and other performance issues, allowing you to optimize your code and improve overall web application speed. Profilers are essential in ensuring your web application runs smoothly and delivers a better user experience.
  |  By Scout APM
Valued customers, friends, and Scout APM users: Our goal has always been to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your systems are healthy and serving your customers as expected. While security has always been paramount to us, we’ve recently made it official. We are thrilled to share with you a recent significant achievement for our team and those who trust us with their data. After many months of hard work, we have obtained our SOC 2 certification!
  |  By Scout APM
OpenTelemetry is enabling a revolution in how Observability data is collected and transmitted. See our What Is OpenTelemetry post on why this is an important inflection point in the Observability space. In this post, we’ll walk through how to configure the OpenTelemetry Gems within a Rails app.
  |  By Scout APM
When it comes to getting to the root of a performance problem, nothing beats the lightning-fast speed and precision of Application Performance Management (APM). But choosing between New Relic and Scout can be like navigating a labyrinth of options and considerations. With New Relic, you'll get a top-of-the-line tool that's perfect for some situations, while Scout's streamlined approach fits like a glove in others.
  |  By Nick Saraev
Veteran programmer? Experienced application performance monitoring (APM) connoisseur? Whatever your specific tech chops, you know the importance of ensuring your applications are running optimally. Every minute a business app is down or slow to respond translates into lost revenue and frustrated customers. That’s why smart businesses rely on APM solutions to monitor and analyze their applications’ performance in real-time.
  |  By Nick Saraev
With server costs mounting due to both demand and complexity, businesses of all sizes are beginning to explore how they can optimize their server infrastructure to reduce costs. One of the most effective strategies for doing this is Application Performance Monitoring (APM): the use of a dedicated tool to proactively monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot performance issues in real-time.
  |  By Scout
3 Key Benefits of switching to ScoutAPM over New Relic n+1 queries, Memory Bloat tabs show you easy performance enhancements.
  |  By Scout
Keeping an eye on our app’s performance through monitoring.
  |  By Scout
A short demo of Scout's database monitoring addon.

Monitoring for the modern development team.

No developer ever said "I hope I get to spend all day hunting down a performance issue". When the unavoidable happens, The Scout platform is focused on finding the root cause of performance problems as quickly as possible.

Scout is monitoring for fast-moving dev teams like us. We leverage the tools that help us get big things done - Github, PaaS services, dynamic languages, frequent releases - to build a tailored monitoring platform for modern teams.

Scout continually tracks down N+1 database queries, sources of memory bloat, performance abnormalities, and more.

Get back to coding with Scout.