San Jose, CA, USA
Jan 21, 2020   |  By Virtana
Company achieved significant growth in new customers, in channel-initiated sales, and in cloud services offerings
Dec 23, 2019   |  By Scott Cleland, Sr. Director
At Virtana, we make a concerted effort to keep a close eye on the innovation and research taking place in the IT operations sector. Maybe to no one’s surprise, Gartner is one of the leading advisors when it comes to this industry, and we take every opportunity to soak up information from the influential analyst firm. As such, the team recently attended both the UK edition of Gartner’s IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies conference in London, and the US edition in Las Vegas.
Dec 12, 2019   |  By Scott Cleland
December 12, 2019 It’s a perfect storm: infrastructure silos, increasing volumes of data, growing hybrid infrastructures, and mounting anomalies can bring down enterprise applications, or at least compromise availability or performance. These forces in combination have already outstripped the human capacity and intuition to solve infrastructure issues – which may occur routinely or unpredictably.
Dec 10, 2019   |  By Virtana
Hybrid Infrastructure Management and AIOps Platform Builds on Customer Requirements to Deepen Infrastructure Visibility, Simplify Capacity Management, and Better Control Infrastructure Costs
Dec 4, 2019   |  By Sheen Khoury
I set out on the road to Boston a few weeks ago to meet with our ever-growing ecosystem of partners and customers. I’m always looking to have interesting conversations in the field that will help drive our go-to-market strategy and engage our partners in driving value to their own bottom line. My energy was uniquely high during this trip due to our recent rebrand from “Virtual Instruments” to “Virtana” and the launch of our latest product offering, CloudWisdom.
Nov 29, 2019   |  By Virtana
Together with Actual Tech Media, we explore how organizations are increasingly relying on both on-premises and cloud-hosted systems for agile data placement. Download the ebook and learn how to eliminate slowdowns and outages, leverage standard infrastructure dashboards and visualizations, and proactively affect your business outcomes.
Nov 29, 2019   |  By Virtana
In a rapidly changing environments, it is critical that organizations find and leverage a knowledge that baselines how the infrastructure and applications typically interact. Meeting this expectation is only possible in an application centric environment that embraces a data-driven automation, anywhere and everywhere, to transform and adapt operational models. Read this whitepaper to see how organizations are moving from the typical reactionary approach to a proactive paradigm that utilizes AIOps to monitor the performance and manage IT infrastructure.
Nov 29, 2019   |  By Virtana
Bloor has undertaken vendor research to gain an understanding of the functionality requirements for managing Hybrid Infrastructure environment and the ability of vendors to meet them. Learn how businesses rely on IT for the delivery of its customer propositions. The growth and scale of cloud computing, the agility provided using micro-services and new deployment technologies has brought forth new, digital-only business models that operate at a global level. Being able to monitor and react to performance issues with awareness of what parts of complex IT environments are being used by individual applications is a critical business requirement.
Oct 23, 2019   |  By Virtana
Philippe Vincents, CEO, shares our Virtana Vision
Oct 21, 2019   |  By Virtana
The combination of AppD and Virtana is a clear winner, providing an entire enterprise full of deep, granular visibility into the apps and the infrastructure supporting the apps. Best insights deliver best results.
Oct 21, 2019   |  By Virtana
Our CEO, Philippe Vincent and Key Customers explain the vision and capabilities of Virtana Products. From your Data Center to any Public Cloud.
Oct 21, 2019   |  By Virtana
See performance bottlenecks coming — before they affect clients and SLAs — with multi-conditional alerting powered by advanced anomaly detection. Ensure a healthy cloud environment and maximum uptime as you right-size with confidence.
Oct 21, 2019   |  By Virtana
Utilize CloudWisdom’s recommendation tools to achieve public cloud billing that’s cost-effective — but doesn’t risk performance. Get reporting on cost and usage trends, plan reserved instance purchases, and stop wasting money.