An effective hybrid cloud migration project can yield 145% ROI in three years, global study reveals

San Jose, CA, July 14, 2020 – Organizations that embrace hybrid cloud migration projects can yield a 145% return on investment within three years, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Virtana has revealed. The study, which reviewed customer projects completed in the last three years, found that a composite organization achieved benefits of $2 million by adopting planning and optimization platforms, such as as Virtana’s CloudWisdom and VirtualWisdom.

Optimizing IT In a Time of Transformation: New Survey Results From IT Leaders

The current pandemic has, among other things, only heightened IT’s requirements to seek new levels of efficiency in managing what has become, increasingly, a hybrid cloud world. In this webinar, Virtana and Enterprise Management Associates will combine to share brand new and recent research on what this might mean for IT organizations seeking to emerge with improved levels of business value, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Enterprises that halted IT cloud migrations have been hit with 2.5x outages during global pandemic, new research highlights

Survey respondents who continued their cloud journey experienced less IT performance issues—Virtana and Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) to present full survey findings during June 25th webinar


Your services are backed by SLAs. What's backing your SLAs?

You’ve made promises to your customers and end users, quantifying them in SLAs (service-level agreements) to instill confidence that those commitments will be honored. SLAs give users peace of mind. But what about your peace of mind? How can you guarantee your hybrid infrastructure and applications are continuously meeting or exceeding those SLAs? I’m going to explore how to ensure SLAs are met to maintain productivity and protect revenue.


Are your cloud costs soaring along with usage? How to cut costs and optimize your cloud performance.

The blessing and curse of cloud computing is flexibility. Now more than ever, companies leveraging the cloud are being revered for their ability to scale up usage of critical applications remotely for employees working from home, while in the same breath lambasted as IT costs sky-rocket. And in the midst of soaring usage, capacity, and cost come budget-cuts to fend off any other necessary evils during this challenging time.


How do you optimize your infrastructure in the midst of such reactive transformation?

The pandemic has heightened IT leaders’ need for efficiency in managing what we’re seeing more and more as a hybrid cloud world. We recently polled IT leaders across the US and EMEA on their current challenges, changes, and goals around hybrid cloud deployments, infrastructure visibility, use of AI/ML, and more.


Capturing and Containing Hidden Cloud Costs-How Overprovisioning Can Hurt Your Budget

The traditional method of planning server, network, and storage capacity is to look at the usage peaks and then add a safety margin. Most cloud hosting is planned this way. The idea that you only pay for what you use is not based on actual usage, rather on the capacities you initially specify. Most cloud migrations involve a ‘lift and shift’ approach of moving an application to a different host with minimal maintenance.


Virtana Announces New Funding from its Major Investors

San Jose, CA, May 13, 2020 – Virtana, the leader in enterprise hybrid cloud migration and optimization, announced today a new $15 million investment from HighBar Partners and Benhamou Global Ventures. The funding will allow Virtana to help more customers optimize performance, cost, and capacity in on-premises and cloud data centers.


Virtana Names Carahsoft Federal Distributor for Entire Product Portfolio

SAN JOSE, Ca. and RESTON, Va. – May 5, 2020 – Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced that Virtana, the leader in hybrid infrastructure management for mission-critical workloads, has named Carahsoft its Federal distributor for its entire portfolio.