Bringing AI-Powered Hybrid Infrastructure Management to the Gartner IOCS Summits

At Virtana, we make a concerted effort to keep a close eye on the innovation and research taking place in the IT operations sector. Maybe to no one’s surprise, Gartner is one of the leading advisors when it comes to this industry, and we take every opportunity to soak up information from the influential analyst firm. As such, the team recently attended both the UK edition of Gartner’s IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies conference in London, and the US edition in Las Vegas.


Why AIOps Has Become the Missing Link to Taming Network Infrastructures

December 12, 2019 It’s a perfect storm: infrastructure silos, increasing volumes of data, growing hybrid infrastructures, and mounting anomalies can bring down enterprise applications, or at least compromise availability or performance. These forces in combination have already outstripped the human capacity and intuition to solve infrastructure issues – which may occur routinely or unpredictably.

Virtana Expands Monitoring Coverage and Enhances Infrastructure Capacity Planning with Latest Version of VirtualWisdom

Hybrid Infrastructure Management and AIOps Platform Builds on Customer Requirements to Deepen Infrastructure Visibility, Simplify Capacity Management, and Better Control Infrastructure Costs

Notes From The Road: Virtana Accelerates Time to Value for the Channel

I set out on the road to Boston a few weeks ago to meet with our ever-growing ecosystem of partners and customers. I’m always looking to have interesting conversations in the field that will help drive our go-to-market strategy and engage our partners in driving value to their own bottom line. My energy was uniquely high during this trip due to our recent rebrand from “Virtual Instruments” to “Virtana” and the launch of our latest product offering, CloudWisdom.


How AIOps Resolves Sporadic Anomalies

December 2, 2019 Corporate infrastructures get more complex as they expand, incorporate more applications, become more highly distributed, become more siloed, increasingly hybrid, and handle more data. This is a widely acknowledged phenomenon, even if there’s not yet a “Moore’s Law” of infrastructure complexity. And complexity invites issues.


Virtana delivers the industry's only real-time monitoring and AIOps platform for mission-critical IT infrastructure - from the data center to the public cloud.

Leverage AIOps to Elevate Hybrid Infrastructure Performance

Together with Actual Tech Media, we explore how organizations are increasingly relying on both on-premises and cloud-hosted systems for agile data placement. Download the ebook and learn how to eliminate slowdowns and outages, leverage standard infrastructure dashboards and visualizations, and proactively affect your business outcomes.

Why You Need to Change the Way You Think About AIOps: Whitepaper

In a rapidly changing environments, it is critical that organizations find and leverage a knowledge that baselines how the infrastructure and applications typically interact. Meeting this expectation is only possible in an application centric environment that embraces a data-driven automation, anywhere and everywhere, to transform and adapt operational models. Read this whitepaper to see how organizations are moving from the typical reactionary approach to a proactive paradigm that utilizes AIOps to monitor the performance and manage IT infrastructure.