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Top 10 Managed Services Providers in the UK - Best MSPs of 2024

Managing cloud migration, cybersecurity, and your IT stack – all of which somehow always needs to be updated – while juggling turning a profit is more than a full-time job. It’s downright impossible without the right team, the right expertise. That’s where managed service providers come in. Managed service providers (MSPs) are third-party companies who are the experts you need.

AWS Cost and Usage Dashboards Operations Solution (CUDOS): A Deep Dive

CUDOS is one of the six specialized dashboards, in the AWS Cloud Intelligence Dashboards framework. The Cloud Intelligence Dashboards framework is focused on providing comprehensive usage and cost insights for AWS resources. It is a very crucial tool that provides deep insights that can be used to optimize AWS infrastructure.

Anodot Cloud Cost Update: Enhancing Anomaly Detection and Budgeting

February 20, 2024 We’re excited to announce the latest enhancements to Anodot’s Cloud Cost platform, bringing cutting-edge improvements in anomaly detection and budgeting capabilities. Our commitment to innovation continues to shape the way businesses approach data analysis and financial planning.

Start as an AWS reseller a simple guide for MSPs

As cloud adoption accelerates, managed service providers (MSPs) have a major opportunity to capitalize on this trend by reselling Amazon Web Services (AWS). Becoming an AWS reseller allows MSPs to expand their service offerings, achieve recurring revenue, and solidify their status as cloud experts. This comprehensive guide will walk through everything MSPs need to know to successfully start reselling AWS services.

A simple guide to becoming an Azure Reseller for MSPs

As Microsoft Azure continues its rapid growth, becoming an Azure reseller presents a major opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs) to expand their offerings and drive recurring revenue. This comprehensive guide will walk through everything MSPs need to know to successfully start reselling Azure services.

Anodot vs. Flexera: Which is the smart option for FinOps practitioners?

Our solution (Anodot) and Flexera are two possible options for FinOps in enterprise cloud environments. With over 85% of organizations projected to adopt a cloud-first approach by 2025, finding a partner who can navigate the ever-evolving world of FinOps for cloud success is crucial. So, which solution actually makes good on their promises? Let’s look at both providers and see whose features truly embrace a FinOps approach in the cloud.

Top 10 Managed Service Providers in the US - Best MSPs of 2024

The future is tech. There’s no doubt there. AI and cloud computing have all grown over the last decade, but great growth comes with great growing pains. That’s where managed service providers (MSPs) come into play. MSPs solve the growing pains of migrating to the cloud, cybersecurity risks, or outgrowing your current tech stack.

Embracing IPv6: Anodot's Guide to a Smooth Transition

Mark your calendars: From February 1, 2024, AWS is introducing a $0.005 hourly charge for all public IPv4 addresses. With IPv4 addresses becoming rarer and pricier, AWS is pushing us to be more IPv4-efficient and highlights the urgent need for businesses to adopt IPv6. Where’s This Change Happening? This isn’t just a small tweak, it will affect all AWS services that use public IPv4 addresses. We’re talking about everything from EC2 and RDS database instances to EKS nodes.

Elevate Your FinOps Career: Expert Tips for Success and Growth

Back in 2014, DevOps took the tech world by storm, and now we’ve got another game-changer: the rise of FinOps. FinOps is stepping up as a key player, helping companies manage and optimize their cloud costs, shaping it into an investment in a company’s financial health. However, a significant challenge has emerged: the demand for skilled FinOps professionals far exceeds the supply.