How Hackers Can Hack Your Phone & How To Prevent It

How Hackers Can Hack Your Phone & How To Prevent It

Smartphones have become almost a necessity in this digital era we live in. You can use your phone for banking, online shopping, entertainment, or communicating with your loved ones. Unfortunately, the convenience they provide us also creates a huge disadvantage.

Like a treasure chest, our phones hold lots of valuable data and information about us. You will receive a massive blow if someone manages to hack your phone. Therefore, you must learn how to protect your phone from hackers.

This article will reveal how hackers can infiltrate your phone and how to keep them at bay.

Types of attacks on smartphones

Before you learn how to protect yourself, it would be wise to learn the different methods hackers use to get into your phone.

Bluetooth hacking

Advanced hackers who have been in the game long enough can search for vulnerable devices to infiltrate. All they need is for you to have your Bluetooth on, and they are in. However, they can only use Bluetooth hacking to download information from your phone if it stays within a certain range.

Phony apps and software

An app could look harmless till you download it, and everything goes haywire. A hacker could also physically access your phone without your knowledge and install software that opens a backdoor for them into your phone. Hacking software leads to severe problems for you, like trojans or keylogging.

Swapping SIM cards

If a scammer or hacker has your existing phone number, they could call your phone provider and pretend to be you. After they claim they lost their SIM card and need a replacement, they will be granted a new one and control all your calls and messages.


Lastly, phishing attacks are the most common method hackers use to break into mobile phones. You could get an email or text message that looks legitimate at first glance. However, you unknowingly grant the hacker unlimited access to your data after you click the link.

How to protect your phone from hacking attempts

Now let’s discuss keeping your phone safe from attacks and hacking attempts.

Consider a password manager

The smart thing to do would be to have separate passwords for everything. However, you are prone to forgetting or getting your passwords mixed up. An excellent solution would be using a password manager to help you resist the temptation of simpler passwords. A password manager will also remind you which password you assigned to each account, so you don’t get confused.

Avoid public charging stations

You might have forgotten to charge your phone on your way out and immediately think you will juice up at the nearest public charging station. What might seem to you like a simple solution might be a risky endeavour. Someone could easily hire a phone hacker to infect the station with malware that helps them obtain all your passwords and personal information. You could invest in a portable power bank if your phone didn’t retain charge for too long.

Keep everything updated

Software and apps on your phone develop vulnerabilities with time. Hackers might also find loopholes they could exploit. Therefore, it is crucial to keep everything updated so you can patch any holes that make it easier for a hacker to get through your security measures.

Use a VPN

Logging into public WIFI at shopping malls and airports is a sure way to get hacked. However, if you must use these public networks, you are better off keeping yourself safe by installing a VPN on your phone. This nifty software keeps your activities anonymous, so hackers can’t track what you are doing.

Install security software

A common security practice would be installing security software on your laptop o desktop. However, people seldom think about doing the same on their smartphones. Security software is one of the best defences against hackers who can’t wait to get hold of your precious data. If you are on a budget, you can find lots of free, feature-rich software online to help you rest easy knowing your phone is safe.

Confirm your phone is encrypted

In addition to security software and strong passwords, encryption adds an extra layer of security by protecting your messages and other private data. If a hacker guessed your passcode correctly, they would need to take down a few more walls to get through to your messages or banking app.

Final Remarks

Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse in the digital world. Your physical and digital safety is your responsibility. You now know how to prevent a hacker from gaining unauthorized access to your device. You should know the common threats that can lead to your phone being hacked. Then, take proactive steps to protect yourself from an attack.