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Jul 27, 2022   |  By StatusCake Team
We’ve all heard the jokes about how us Brits can’t handle the hot weather but when the UK hit record highs in July this year, we have to admit that we really did struggle. No more so than our friends over at Google. Google isn’t a stranger to the occasional outage and website downtime, after seeing Google Maps go down in May earlier this year. But this time, the outage was apparently due to the soaring temperatures we were experiencing.
Jul 27, 2022   |  By StatusCake Team
You might have heard us say it before but downtime really does happen to any website, anywhere. Website downtime essentially doesn’t discriminate; it doesn’t matter if you’re a huge multi-billion dollar company or if you’re a start-up finding your feet in the online world. Downtime happens to the best of us. So to really drive this point home, we’ve put together the websites that have suffered downtime this June and how they dealt with the issue.
Jul 20, 2022   |  By StatusCake Team
We believe that data speaks volumes and that’s why we’ve put together the most shocking 7 stats that we’ve found from our uptime monitoring report. You have to see them to believe them!
Jun 27, 2022   |  By StatusCake Team
One of the biggest challenges for SaaS companies isn’t only how to get customers to buy your SaaS product but how to keep them engaged with it. It may be surprising but just because someone has bought your product or service, it doesn’t mean they interact with it in the way that they should or in such a way that they’re getting the most out of it. The downside to this? They are the customers that are more likely to churn.
Jun 27, 2022   |  By StatusCake Team
We all know it’s getting harder than ever to rank in Google, whether it’s for blogs or webpages, but all is not lost. There are some key elements that you should be focusing on on your webpages, for example, to ensure that you’re giving your website the best chances possible of ranking well. After all, the majority of organic traffic clicks on the first 3 results on the first page of Google so if you’re not there, your competitors must be!
Jun 14, 2022   |  By StatusCake Team
We have to admit that customers and brands alike are able to put a good spin on website downtime and social media managers are undoubtedly having all their Christmases arrive at once! We’ve found some of the most reactions to website downtime online, albeit the majority are from the notorious Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp downtime experienced globally. Feel free to actually LOL.
Jun 8, 2022   |  By StatusCake Team
Uptime monitoring. You keep hearing us talking about it and you know why it’s important, hey, you might even have a StatusCake account. But do you know what to do if you do experience website downtime? Let’s do a little quiz. Your website has suffered two hours of downtime. Do you: If you answered a, you might be a lost cause (I’m only joking, you should just definitely read to the end of this post), and if you answered d, crack out the sales bell and start dinging!
Jun 7, 2022   |  By StatusCake Team
There’s a common myth that you may have heard – “only small companies’ websites go down”. This is a classic, especially since it couldn’t be more wrong. Thousands of websites go down, regardless of their size (or the size of their IT team for that), and even Google can, and has, suddenly experienced the dreaded monster that is “the outage”. So far, we are 6 months into 2022 and we’ve already seen a ton of websites go down.
May 27, 2022   |  By StatusCake Team
Yep, you read that right, THE fastest. Like the Usain Bolt of check rates, just without the Olympic gold medal to back it up (but it’s safe to say that if there was a gold medal for quickest check rates, we would win gold). So what does this actually mean? It means that your website will be checked almost constantly; every 30 seconds depending on the plan that you pick.
May 12, 2022   |  By Christopher Long
The StatusCake API allows users of the platform to come up with custom ways of interacting and making our tools work for their specific needs. In this blog post I’m going to look at a few recent projects on GitHub that use the StatusCake API to either save you time or do something interesting with your test data.
Jan 9, 2015   |  By StatusCake
A Simple Video Guide to Using VictorOps with StatusCake.
Jul 17, 2014   |  By StatusCake
How to use StatusCake and HipChat Integration.
Jul 13, 2014   |  By StatusCake
A Small video demoing showing how easy it is to use the StatusCake Bulk Update Option.
Oct 18, 2013   |  By StatusCake
Quick video showing how to use use StatusCake dashboards.
Jan 17, 2013   |  By StatusCake
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