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Sep 20, 2018
Kansas City, KS, USA
Feb 21, 2019   |  By Doug N
Executive Summary: Practically unlimited remote desktop support for a one time cost of $125! Really? Sounds like a scam? No, we’ve had this underappreciated feature for years. Time to get the word out on how to take advantage of it!
Feb 19, 2019   |  By Des Nnochiri
Within a Linux network or development system, launching a limited set of applications or services (often known as microservices) in a self-sustaining container or sandboxed environment is sometimes necessary. A container enables administrators to decouple a specific set of software applications from the operating system and have them run within a clean, minimal, and isolated Linux environment of their own.
Feb 5, 2019   |  By Des Nnochiri
Enterprise users of Office 365 often need to configure a multi-function printer to use the platform’s SMTP email capabilities on their network. There are several ways of doing this, each with their own benefits and disadvantages. In this guide we’ll be looking at the steps required in setting up Office 365 network printing and email under various conditions.
Jan 29, 2019   |  By Des Nnochiri
In a world where consumer-level computing technology has been largely dominated by Windows, many users remain unaware of the need for administrators to configure and maintain network hardware and environments based on the Linux operating system. But Linux in its various distributions and the Unix operating system from which they derive have for decades provided the backbone for the core systems that make consumer-level computing and indeed many aspects of daily life possible.
Jan 22, 2019   |  By Des Nnochiri
The terms “omni-channel” and “multi-platform” may be used to describe many of the network operations or customer interactions of today’s businesses, and the administration of these operations must be wide-ranging and comprehensive to enable organizations to keep pace.
Jul 20, 2018   |  By PowerAdminSupport
See how you can download, install, configure and start using PA File Sight in under 15 minutes. Detect ransomware attacks, users copying files from the server and more. Audit who is accessing files or find out who deleted files on the server.
Jan 6, 2015   |  By PowerAdminSupport
A quick overview and introduction to Power Admin's premiere product, PA Server Monitor.
Jul 25, 2014   |  By PowerAdminSupport
Using the Inventory Alerter monitor in PA Server Monitor can help you monitor for changes in your Anti-Virus software.
Jul 25, 2014   |  By PowerAdminSupport
Is it possible to detect a user copying files?
Jun 3, 2014   |  By PowerAdminSupport
The Event Log Monitor can monitor one or more event logs on the system, including the standard Application, Security and System logs as well as custom event logs. You have complete flexibility in specifying which types of events are important to you and which types you'd like to ignore. In addition, you can manually add dynamic event sources (event sources that register themselves, add an event, and then unregister themselves).