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A good ecommerce business needs efficient customer service. Live customer support has been the preferred choice for companies but it isn’t always practical. This is where customer service chatbots can really help your ecommerce business. Chatbots are AI-enabled solutions that can deliver reliable, effective and optimized customer support solutions. This article introduces you to the 11 customer service chatbots that can change customer support for ecommerce businesses.
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Many ecommerce business owners are tired of managing tedious and repetitive tasks, customer service enquiries, returns and complaints. Ecommerce automation might be exactly what you need to streamline your processes, increase efficiency, and ultimately save time and money. This guide explores automation tools for ecommerce that can help improve your online business.
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WordPress is the content management system that has found its place in the hearts of innumerable web developers and users around the world. You might be shocked to learn that almost 45% of all websites on the Internet are grounded on WordPress. The question is, “How do users monitor their WordPress website and check their critical metrics?” Any site needs to be monitored these days. There are countless online services that offer tools for external website monitoring.
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What guarantees the success of a website today isn’t just its content and design; delivering a seamless and efficient user experience (UX) is also extremely critical. This is where Core Web Vitals are important as they provide a collection of performance metrics to evaluate the quality of website user experience. Core Web Vitals are critical to attract visitors and retain them as they directly impact a site’s visibility on Google.
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In 2020, Google introduced Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS), officially making them ranking metrics affecting search engine rankings in February 2022. As a next step, in April 2023, Google announced the retirement of several ranking systems (Page experience, Mobile-friendly, Page speed, Secure sites), increasing the impact of Core Web Vitals on rankings.
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The eCommerce businesses have expanded in leaps and bounds during the COVID-19 and post-COVID situations and continue to show the same trend. People across the globe continue to shop online for their needs of clothing and apparel, home needs of groceries, home appliances, home décor, health and fitness products, sports needs, automotive accessories, jewelry, and much more. Today’s modern-day customers prefer to purchase online many of their needs with a single click through their mobiles.
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Any web-based business must have effective log monitoring in place to guarantee the efficient operation of its applications and systems. Tools for log monitoring are essential for error detection, performance analysis, and problem-solving. The top five log monitoring tools will be examined in this post, along with their features, prices, advantages, and disadvantages.
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There are two types of website owners: those who back up their website data, and those who will soon start doing it. Backing up a website’s data is so critical; losing data can result in substantial revenue loss. There are various methods of backing up your website. This article outlines the top 15 tools for backing up your website externally. We will have an overview of each tool along with its benefits and drawbacks.
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From a customer’s perspective, a product is quite simple to explain. They buy an item to fulfill a specific need or want. However, what they want may change, and the current state of the product might not stand the test of time. The same product may have many different forms and fill various roles depending on its current position on its product lifecycle. A product manager’s job is to ensure that this product evolves the right way.
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Using an online B2B wholesale marketplace makes your sourcing faster and easier. You should also know that every bulk trading platform has its benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, you should go have an idea of how each website offers the best and choose the one that matches your requirements the most.
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