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Warsaw, Poland
Sep 13, 2019   |  By Super Monitoring
Customer service is trendy topic these days. After there was a boom around technology at the start of 21st century, the internet has settled down and now it’s more about the basics. Automation has taken huge part of the overall human resources and people are demanding human approach, even if it’s on the internet. Today we are going to review one of the oldest customer service software around, LiveAgent.
Sep 9, 2019   |  By Super Monitoring
Want to learn chatbot development and advance your career? Here’s a little warning: You need to read. A lot! After all, keeping up with the fast-paced digital marketing means being able to not just go with the flow, but being able to adapt to the changes and apply it to your business’ marketing strategies.
Sep 4, 2019   |  By Super Monitoring
Let’s be honest: we are facing big problems surrounding privacy online today. It has come to light over the past couple of years how the adtech industry harvest and abuse user data to construct eerily detailed profiles on individuals, in order to sell these in real time bidding auctions to online advertisers, who out-bid each other for the opportunity to serve users individualized marketing in the micromoments, they visit a website.
Sep 2, 2019   |  By Super Monitoring
Creating a reliable web application requires effort, patience, and heart on the table. But your work doesn’t end with development, you have to promote your web app. Listing your SaaS in application directories can bring you tremendous benefits and most of them are free.
Aug 30, 2019   |  By Super Monitoring
They say that a job isn’t the best way to earn the most money and to become financially stable. If you want to be more financially stable, then the best way to do that is to start a business. Nowadays, there are a lot of ideas and potential businesses that you can start. One of these types of businesses is starting an online store. No matter what type of product you are selling, so long as you have a specific niche, then you are sure to find a customer that fits your target profile.
Oct 15, 2017   |  By Super Monitoring
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