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Android 10 - Everything You Need to Know

If you own a Google Pixel smartphone (or one of a couple of other models) Android’s latest update is finally here. If you own another model of Android smartphone then you’ll have to wait a little longer, but that’s nom de rigueur for the operating system. Dubbed Android 10, the new update has abandoned the usual confectionary based naming scheme in favour of a straight numbering system – possibly following Windows’ and Apple’s lead.

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PAExec lets you launch Windows programs on remote Windows computers without needing to install software on the remote computer first.
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How to Keep Malware Out of Your Printers

The landscape of cybersecurity is always changing, and new threats are constantly emerging. One of the newest – and the most interesting, if you are into that kind of thing – is the rise of printer malware. This type of malware started to be reported in November 2017, when Barracuda Labs saw an attack where cybercriminals spoofed a printer to send a malicious attachment that appeared to be a legitimate file sent by a network printer.

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How to Monitor Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Networks

By Des Nnochiri Most enterprises now use two or more cloud service providers, and 35% use up to five monitoring tools to keep tabs on hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. Even before organizations began shifting software and IT infrastructure to the cloud, a typical business would use four to ten tools just to monitor and troubleshoot their internal networks, according to analyst and consulting firm Enterprise Management Associates.

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How to Prepare Your Staff for Hybrid Cloud

By Des Nnochiri Budgetary constraints are often a key factor in determining how an organization sets up its IT infrastructure. The hybrid cloud typically leads to cost savings of between 5% and 30% for enterprises that make the transition. Besides the monetary aspects, performance benefits and easier administration also inspire many organizations to consider moving to a hybrid cloud.

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Computing Memory Usage According to Task Manager

When you look at Task Manager, it’s hard to compare it to any counter you see in Performance Monitor. The reason is there are many ways to discuss memory usage and it’s cousin free memory. If you think about it, you really don’t want your computer to have free memory laying around. That would represent computer resources the computer could be using but isn’t.