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Datadog Conversations: How Life360 Keeps Families Safe with Observability

Life360 is a family safety app driven by the mission to protect and connect people, pets, and things. Naveen Puvvula, Director of Cloud Operations, and Jesse Gonzalez, Senior Staff Site Reliability Engineer, discuss why observability is critical to achieving reliability and how they continue to deliver real-time location updates for their users even during high-traffic events. Finally, they share their advice for other tech leaders in the industry to choose partners that align closely to solve problems together and technologies that reduce friction and improve developer joy.

Pipeline Talk: Between Two Fernders Edition

Cribl’s co-founders, Clint Sharp, Dritan Bitincka, and Ledion Bitincka, recently took time to host a Between two Fernders edition of Pipeline Talk at the Cribl offices to discuss a wide variety of topics, including Cribl Lake, the N-Gage, WWE aspirations, fishing poles, how CAT6 cabling is not named after actual cats, and wondering if Apple’s iPhone will be a consumer hit (Yes, we know what year it is, but the host clearly doesn’t).