Season 1 Finale: The Top 3 Themes for Software Leaders in 2022

CircleCI CTO Rob Zuber reflects on season 1 of The Confident Commit, finding the common threads that emerged, including these top 3 themes for software leaders: complexity, scale, and people. Listen to Rob's take on where software is headed and hear about the upcoming season 2 of The Confident Commit.

N-able Backup and Other Keys to Our Success: Lionel Naidoo of Dragon Information Systems

N-able™ Backup has provided a refreshing take on backup and disaster recovery, as Dragon IS Director Lionel Naidoo learned firsthand. By looking beyond the traditional legacy backup solutions on the market, Dragon uncovered a golden nugget in N-able Backup.

Broadcom Software Agile Operations Division Overview

General Manager Serge Lucio discusses Broadcom Software's Agile Operations Division, which offers business-critical software solutions that help the world’s leading companies transform their operating model to be more agile. Our ValueOps, DevOps, and AIOps solutions help these organizations drive innovation and achieve operational excellence to realize better business outcomes – and better experiences for their customers.

N-able Backup and Other Keys to Our Success: Nicholas Paulukow, One2One

N-able™ Backup has proven to make a real difference in the efficiency and profitability of managed IT services provider One2One. Hear from One2One CEO Nicholas Paulukow about how the company dramatically reduced the staff time and cost needed to provide top-tier data protection services by switching to N-able Backup.

Managed IT Service Provider, BDNet Corporate Networking Recommends OnPage

In this video, Brian Domschke, CEO of BD Net Corporate Networking recommends OnPage for on-call management. Keep watching to learn how his organization leverages OnPage's digital fail-safe scheduling capabilities and alerting system to notify on-call staff after hours. OnPage continues to empower Managed Service Providers of all sizes to accelerate incident remediation for clients and provide exceptional IT services.

Kroger Uses JFrog Xray for Software Security and License Compliance

Kroger leverages the JFrog platform to give developers visibility into their software vulnerabilities and make informed decisions on what to fix. See how Kroger has implemented secure DevOps processes with automated vulnerability scanning and open-source software (OSS) license compliance capabilities to support their development and security teams.