Is a Freemium Business Model still viable for your company? | Tomorrow's Tech

The digital age has reshaped the 21st-century business landscape in a world of ways. On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Chairman of Opmantek, Danny Maher shares deep insights on why the Freemium business model requires strategic choices that need to be aligned and continuously reviewed to build a sustainable business.

CloudHedge's Automated App Modernization platform accelerates Chitale's journey from Farm to Fridge.

Vishwas Chitale - CEO & CTO Chitale Dairy, shares his story on how CloudHedge's automated App Modernization Platform accelerated the modernization of Chitale's large-scale enterprise applications and containerized EDGE and IoT devices.

LogicTalks: Why ATSG's Approach to Monitoring Matters

In this episode of LogicTalks, Michael Tarbet, VP of Sales at LogicMonitor is joined by Scott Mayers, Sr. VP of Cloud and Managed Solutions at ATSG. The pair connect to discuss why LogicMonitor is invaluable to ATSG’s daily operations as a managed services provider. From keeping tabs on 10s of thousands of endpoints, consolidating a plethora of monitoring tools into one platform for greater visibility and ease of use, and leveraging AI powered alerting and forecasting, LogicMonitor provides ATSG with the enterprise grade SaaS monitoring solution to it needs to support its customers 24/7, worldwide.

Talking Shipa - "Developer Portal"

In this edition of Talking Shipa, CEO and Founder, Bruno Andrade, discusses the Shipa Developer Portal. One of the biggest challenges with applications deployed in Kubernetes is simply making sense of all of the micro services running in the cluster. It generally does not look or feel like an application in the traditional sense. Shipa helps with this by providing a developer-centric workflow and portal to manage and operate your Kubernetes applications in deployment.

Talking Shipa - "Application Policy Management"

In this edition of Talking Shipa, CEO and Founder, Bruno Andrade, discusses Application Policy Management in Shipa. Adding layers of security, management, and measurement capabilities to your apps can be challenging, but really are required in order to support your corporate mandates and to ultimately give your users the best experience possible. Things like resource consumption, RBAC, network policies, 3rd party services, container registry, vulnerability scans, and more.