Scale for fully automated Kubernetes monitoring in minutes

Monitoring your Kubernetes clusters within Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring has never been easier. Just click data setup and select Kubernetes to begin learning more about your Kubernetes environment and workloads. Test drive your free trial of Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring today to seamlessly get your data in to navigate effortlessly and pinpoint problems in real time.

Ocean Winds: Preparing for the Future of Energy with Low-Code Automation

As a new company operating in the offshore wind energy sector, the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform is helping OW to automate their recently established processes and rapidly build applications to support their vision. Hear from a number of their representatives how OW have seen 75% cost savings and a 25% reduction in the time it takes to execute digitized processes.

We have an idea...

Tired of shows talking at you, rather than showing you? Kaitlyn Barnard and @Viktor Gamov have an idea! Drumroll.... It's Kongcast! A show where we interview software developers and technology leaders at the top of their game every other week. We’ll also give you the tools, tactics and strategies you need to take your distributed architectures to the next level. Kongcast goes beyond the buzzwords and dissects real-life applications and success stories so that you can tackle your biggest connectivity challenges.