Why Moving to Talend in the Cloud Is the Right Choice

What if you used your data to become more productive and profitable? What if you reduced your data TCO by 20%? What if you could see your data's quality in real-time — and fix it just as fast? In this video, Talend Cloud Expert Thomas Steinborn and David Petrella explore all the possibilities that comes with better data integration and integrity in the cloud and drive the majority of new Talend customers to choose Talend in the cloud.

Experience Everywhere: IWC and Engage

IWC is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that has been creating masterpieces since 1868. Of course, in recent months, and like so many businesses, IWC has had to adapt to the demands of a much more flexible and dispersed workforce. In this environment, IT’s capacity to communicate directly with employees is more important than ever. Fortunately, IWC was already using Nexthink Engage to reach out to its user base. Here, Ramon Hartmann explains how Engage makes a difference at the company, and why it’s superior to all standard modes of internal communication.

Doing business in Japan during COVID-19

The way that people do business in Japan has radically changed as a result of COVID-19. Historically, the Japanese are very much about face to face relationship selling where you establish relationships and build trust. But now everything has to be done remotely or online. Like everyone else, the Japanese are really keen to keep doing business so they've actually embraced the remote way of doing things which has been quite interesting to watch and had some unexpected benefits.

Leaf Group Reaches 62 Million Readers Every Month | Observability with Instana

After transitioning to containerized workloads, Leaf Group decided to adopt automated observability to match the speed of their new CI/CD workflows. By integrating Instana into their deployment pipeline, their Development teams are able to ensure performance in all stages of build and deployment, optimize their tech stack, and focus on innovating for their audiences.

Exclaimer: Shortening the lengths of incidents with Datadog

Hear how Matt Hodge from Exclaimer leverages Datadog Log Management to migrate away from a homegrown solution and find one platform to manage dev and ops logs. Through deep integrations with Microsoft Azure, Exclaimer is able to gain rapid visibility into their entire Azure-based infrastructure as well.

API Load Testing Mistake #5: Not Factoring in External API Calls - @SmartBear Talks

Nowadays, lots of modern API-based applications make calls out to third-party APIs. These APIs can belong to your organization, or they can be located on a partner, customer, etc. side. Today, we will analyze the specifics of calling these APIs during API load testing. Robert Schneider, a software testing consultant from WiseClouds, will help us avoid the mistakes when working with external API calls.