Exoprise Launches Virtual Desktop Diagnostics Combining Synthetics and Real-User Monitoring

Exoprise Launches Virtual Desktop Diagnostics Combining Synthetics and Real-User Monitoring

BOSTON, MA / October 12, 2023 / Exoprise, a leader in converged Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) for digital workplaces, today announced expanded support for cloud-based Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Amazon Workspaces. With newly launched synthetic transaction support for Azure Virtual Desktop and enhanced real-user monitoring support for new Remote Desktop clients, Exoprise now offers unique proactive diagnostics for any cloud desktop delivery.

The new code-free Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) synthetic sensor enables proactive, 24/7 monitoring, load testing, and crowdsourced benchmarking of Azure Virtual Desktop deployments. Pinpoint network bottlenecks to Azure and monitor the entire virtual desktop sign on process for faults or failures.

Service Watch, the real-user monitoring platform for real-time network insights, monitors the end-user experiences from within the virtual machine or at each remote access point. Detect network, ISP, and Internet slowdowns for every employee who utilizes a Remote Desktop Client on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

“Combining synthetic and real-user telemetry for VDI access sets Exoprise solutions apart,” said Jason Lieblich, Exoprise President and CEO. “Having the ability to detect degradation before it impacts users with synthetics, plus having complete coverage for every employee wherever they work, ensures optimal productivity. You need both synthetics and RUM to deliver secure applications with confidence.”

Azure Virtual Desktop Web Synthetic

Exoprise CloudReady synthetics enable end-to-end monitoring of Azure Virtual Desktop to know about problems before they impact employee and business productivity. Wizard-driven setup and automatic alarms, alongside real-time ServiceNow integration, lets IT teams collaborate on outages to reduce Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR). High-level actions and low-level timings are recorded as frequently as every 15 seconds:

  • Detail Azure, host, and virtual machine authentication timings
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) setup timings
  • TCP/IP and WebSocket connection, SSL negotiate and DNS lookup timings

Along with holistic event timings, the entire network path is captured, analyzed, and crowdsourced to assist in pinpointing network slowdowns. Crowdsourced RDP metrics enable IT professionals to compare network response times to anonymized aggregates that are inherent to the Exoprise platform. Crowdsourced access and delivery metrics assist with rapid diagnosis.

Service Watch Enhanced for Remote Desktop Client Access and Shared VDI Platforms

Along with updated synthetics for Virtual Desktop testing, Service Watch Desktop was enhanced to provide real-time network insight into the latest Remote Desktop clients including PCoIP that’s required to access Amazon Workspaces.

Service Watch Desktop can pinpoint slow network segments regardless of the protocol being utilized. Within as little as 5 seconds, Service Watch detects remote virtual sessions and immediately probes the network path for hop-by-hop slowdowns from an employee’s machine to where the secured virtual machine is located.

When utilized within the Azure Virtual Desktop environment, Exoprise Service Watch Browser and Desktop can be configured to monitor secured VPN, Browser, or Microsoft Teams and Zoom performance for a 360-degree view of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Real-time alarms along with contextual capture of client application performance by custom device groups enable network and application engineers immediate notification of slow Azure or Amazon infrastructure before it impacts the business.

These new features are available now to all Exoprise customers. Join our latest Office Hours to learn more about Exoprise virtual desktop and monitoring solutions:

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