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Aug 4, 2021   |  By N-able
Automating simple tasks enables the MSP to redirect skills and focus on customer service.
Jul 27, 2021   |  By David Weeks
IT is not a technology cost, it’s a human resource cost! This is a fundamental concept MSPs need to keep in mind when they are looking at their businesses, but one many smaller MSPs tend to overlook. Think about it; for every business you’re supporting as an MSP, you’re doing so to ensure their IT infrastructure has stability of operation and is optimized to maximize staff productivity.
Jul 22, 2021   |  By Jason Murphy
From my previous blog, I’m going to continue the list of five things you can do to improve your technical service delivery to your customers (if you didn’t read the last post, you can catch up on what you missed here (link)). In the following three points, I focus on the role automation can play.
Jul 20, 2021   |  By N-able
Following the separation, which was completed on July 19, 2021, N-able will provide cloud-based software solutions for managed service providers, enabling them to support digital transformation and growth within small and medium-sized enterprises.
Jul 20, 2021   |  By David Weeks
If you attended our recent virtual Empower event you may have seen the extensive session on mergers and acquisitions. We’ve witnessed a large amount of M&A activity within the MSP space over the past few years as a result of the managed services business model becoming attractive for private equity investment. According to 451 Research’s M&A KnowledgeBase, M&A activity was at an all-time low in 2020, except within the technology sector.
Jul 19, 2021   |  By N-able
Many managed services providers (MSPs) depend on word-of-mouth referrals to generate new customers and grow their business. And while relying on these can work to a degree—especially if your company provides outstanding customer service—it isn’t an ideal strategy if you want to really scale or grow. There are several serious downsides to relying solely on these types of referrals.
Jul 16, 2021   |  By Jason Murphy
In around 2003 I worked as a level one tech for a very large customer contact center (1,500 call center agents) for a major American hardware vendor. This was around the height of adware and other greyware hitting Windows XP.
Jul 15, 2021   |  By Luis Giraldo
We’ve seen a number of MSPs hesitant to dive into using Microsoft Intune for their customers. One reason for this is that it may require them to encourage customers toward Microsoft 365 Business Premium, which, at an additional cost per seat, may seem like a tall order for a client for a 30-person team. It’s also a new discipline for many technicians, and often requires they find time to hone their skills while tackling existing tickets throughout a normal day.
Jul 13, 2021   |  By Tyler McDonald
You may have seen we announced recently that we have more than 50 technology providers active within our Technology Alliance Program (TAP). These providers include many well-known technology leaders, like Cisco, Sophos, and Webroot, alongside emerging innovators, including Liongard and Zomentum.
Jul 13, 2021   |  By Jason Murphy
My colleague Lewis Pope, our head security herd, wrote an excellent blog last week about hardening N-able™ RMM. I thought it prudent, in light of recent developments, to do the same for the N-able N-central® product. A lot of it is common knowledge, but I wanted to put together a checklist so you can review the security of your N-central platform and ensure you’re meeting some of these best practices.
May 10, 2021   |  By N-able
No doubt you’ll have noticed RMM recently had a little palette refresh with the launch of N-able, which we’re super excited about. Important: Make sure you update the agent version on all your devices regularly to take advantage of feature enhancements, bug fixes and security updates. Go to Agent — Agent Auto-update Settings. Apple Device Management: New ‘Remote Wipe’ and ‘Checkout’ commands for ADM-enrolled Macs, so Macs and iOS now offer the same set
Jul 21, 2021   |  By N-able
Networking used to be significantly simpler. Users would sit within a building using a company-issued device with clear visibility and control over the network. Networks have grown more complex, with users bringing their own devices onto the network, employees working remotely, organizations increasingly relying on software-as-a-service applications, and businesses adopting more hybrid IT environments.
Jul 21, 2021   |  By N-able
Save time and keep customers safe by quickly accessing your end users' devices and resolving their issues from anywhere. Download the eBook to learn more about the consequences of insecure remote support, the benefit of using N-able Take Control, and the security protocols in place to help safeguard end users.
Jul 1, 2021   |  By N-able
If your SMBs don't seem to care about their backup solution, change the conversation to one about data protection to help increase recurring revenue. Painting a picture of the cost a worst-case scenario would have on your customer's business can help drive them to sign up for proactive, managed data protection services. Comprehensive data protection services can include safeguarding your customer's data against compromise and accidental loss. This helps ensure their data is immediately recoverable with minimal downtime while providing personalized services with data security, privacy, and legal requirements in mind.
Jul 1, 2021   |  By N-able
In business-to-business (B2B) sales, taking a consultative approach leads to a win-win for you and your customer. So it's important to get to know your customers and their needs before giving them the hard sell.
Jun 1, 2021   |  By N-able
For years, cybercriminals have worked to circumvent traditional security measures. Finding loopholes in defenses, flaws in systems, or new methods of attack means they can turn a profit for their activities. As a result, cyberthreats continuously evolve, often faster than humans can keep up with. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools exist to deal with this dynamic. Get this eBook to learn why EDR solutions were created, how they operate, and what problems they solve in cybersecurity.
Jun 1, 2021   |  By N-able
MSPs operating under a proactive services model know the benefits-like better prediction of revenue, higher-quality service, and ability to plan ahead, just to name a few. But if you're transitioning into a proactive services model, you may not experience these benefits if you're not using the right tools. Automation is key, so choosing a remote monitoring and management platform that easily integrates with a PSA tool is a must. Read the eBook to learn more about integration and how it can help you increase automation, improve productivity, streamline billing, and more.

N-able empowers managed services providers (MSPs) to help small and medium enterprises navigate the digital evolution. With a flexible technology platform and powerful integrations, we make it easy for MSPs to monitor, manage, and protect their end customer systems, data, and networks. Our growing portfolio of security, automation, and backup and recovery solutions is built for IT services management professionals.

N-able simplifies complex ecosystems and enables customers to solve their most pressing challenges. We provide extensive, proactive support—through enriching partner programs, hands-on training, and growth resources—to help MSPs deliver exceptional value and achieve success at scale.

Our Products:

  • N-central: Manage your client networks from a single console. Automate key processes from onboarding and setup to maintenance and reporting to streamline your operations. Boost team efficiency with the visibility and tools to manage devices across the hybrid cloud. Quickly respond to any issues using our alerts, remote support, and ticketing functionality.
  • RMM: Empower IT professionals to monitor and manage complex networks remotely. Use integrated asset management, automated software deployment and patching, and policies and scripting to improve IT operations on an ongoing basis. Secure your business with integrated antivirus and web protection, device auto-discovery, email security, and risk intelligence.
  • Backup: You’re always in business when you have online backup capabilities. Protect your clients and business with fast, flexible recovery built for the cloud. Harness our unique architecture to offer more frequent backups without driving up costs—perfect for data- or transaction-intensive businesses.
  • End-to-End Security: Match pace with the latest threats. Offer integrated security that protects your clients’ businesses across networks, web properties, systems, data, and email.

N-able offers expertise, tools, and resources to help take your IT services to the next level—whatever your size, business model, or customer mix.