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Seven Easy MSP Marketing Activities You Can Do This Summer

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that you should let your marketing efforts take a summer vacation as well. Here are seven easy activities to market your MSP that you can implement that will keep your marketing efforts chugging along through the heated months to set you up nicely for the fall and winter ahead.

Accelerating the Path to Managed Cybersecurity with M&A

MSPs operate in a challenging and competitive marketplace. Small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers increasingly view the core IT infrastructure support services MSPs have long provided as commodities. At the same time, competitors are growing larger and more sophisticated as industry consolidation continues. Private equity investments have created more than 80 MSP platforms that are aggressively pursuing add-on acquisition opportunities.

Macs and malware, part 2: Are Macs more secure?

Are Macs more secure? If that’s not the very definition of a clickbait headline, I don’t know what is. Spoiler warning: While I have opinions, I’m not a security expert with multiple certifications or years of experience in the field. So, I won’t take sides as to which operating system is the most secure.

Cove Data Protection Modernizes DRaaS with New Standby Image Feature

We’re please to announced that we’ve added a Standby Image feature as part of our Cove Data Protection™ solution. This enables us to deliver on the promise of cloud-first data protection as-a-service combined with business-class disaster recovery, by making it easy to create, manage, and report on virtual server images in the partner’s location of choice, ready for fast and flexible disaster recovery, without an expensive proprietary appliance.

How to Respond to a Ransomware Attack the Right Way

It seems that every day we see another ransomware headline. But too often, backup and data protection solutions treat ransomware recovery just like any other type of recovery. The truth is recovery from ransomware has different requirements (and different best practices) than recovery from fire, flood, or hardware failure.