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N-central Custom Dashboards: Step-by-Step Guide by Paul Kelly

Discover how to create custom dashboards in N-central with N-able Head Nerd Paul Kelly. In this tutorial, Paul walks you through the entire process, from setting up bespoke filters to displaying critical monitoring checks on your custom dashboards. Optimize your monitoring strategy and get real-time insights into your customer's environments. Whether you're tracking server issues, CPU usage, or disk health, this guide will help you set up dashboards tailored to your needs. Perfect for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) looking to enhance their N-central setup.

What MDR Means for MSPs with Dave MacKinnon

In this conversation, Dave MacKinnon, Chief Security Officer at N-able, talks to Pete Roythorne about Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and its relevance for MSPs. They explore the differences between MDR and other technologies, the benefits of MDR for MSPs, and the cost effectiveness of implementing MDR. Dave highlights the challenges of building a Security Operations Center (SOC) and emphasizes the importance of technology selection and effective threat detection in MDR.

Two-Way Mac Chat on N-able N-sight

Check out the new two-way chat functionality for Mac devices with N-able Head Nerd Joe Ferla. This powerful new feature allows technicians to communicate seamlessly with end users while performing remote background work, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum productivity. Stay tuned as Joe walks you through the steps to use this feature and highlights its benefits for your daily service delivery.

Feature Focus - N-central Filters

Join Paul Kelly from the N-able Head Nerds as he showcases the latest enhancements to the filtering options in N-central. Filters are a vital tool for MSPs, enabling the creation of device groups for targeted rules, feature deployments, and automation. In this video, you'll learn how to navigate and utilize these new filter capabilities to streamline your IT management processes. Key topics include.

Cybersecurity Strategies for MSPs: Expert Advice from Chris Krebs & David MacKinnon

An in-depth keynote conversation from N-able's Empower Conference in Frisco, Texas, featuring cybersecurity experts Chris Krebs and David MacKinnon. Moderated by David Weeks, this discussion dives into the latest trends in cybersecurity, the evolving threat landscape for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and practical advice on building resilient security strategies. Learn how to navigate ransomware threats, understand regulatory impacts, and prepare your organization for future challenges.

The State of M&A, and Centralized vs. Decentralized Acquisitions with Matt Takhar

Explore the reasons behind the decline in global channel M&A activity in 2023 and the increasing number of buyers compared to sellers in this conversation with Matt Takhar, Business Development Director at N-able. Takhar also delves into the factors driving M&A, such as the need for strategic fit and expansion into new markets. The conversation highlights two key models for structuring MSP acquisitions: the centralized model, where the acquired MSP is consolidated into the buyer's brand, and the decentralized model, where the acquired MSP retains its own brand but receives support from the buyer. The pros and cons of each model are discussed, along with the importance of due diligence for both buyers and sellers.

Hitting the Right Notes: Luis Giraldo's Path to Advocating for MSPs

In this revealing episode of "Now That's IT," Luis Giraldo, Chief Experience Officer at ScalePad, shares his unique journey from a world-class musician to a revered MSP advocate, discussing cthe pivotal transitions and decisions that shaped his career and how his background in music provided a rhythmic foundation for his innovative approach to MSP advocacy.