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Microsoft 365 Digital Experience Monitoring : See the Magic

GSX Gizmo is the only Microsoft 365 user experience monitoring tool that truly measures the quality of the service delivered to all enterprises’ sites, enabling their IT to take power of the Microsoft 365 performance. The solution has been specifically designed to ensure Microsoft 365 service quality for Microsoft Teams, Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint.


Eliminate the Fog: The Path to Microsoft 365 Monitoring Visibility

I’ll go out on a limb and venture a guess that everybody reading this blog has had challenges adjusting to life in a post COVID world. I certainly have. My latest challenge? Navigating the simultaneous use of a face mask in public venues while wearing glasses to read stuff that’s more than 20 feet away. Just like ski and water goggles, my prescription specs also fog up when simply taking a leisurely stroll through the grocery store.


Updated SharePoint, OneDrive Monitoring

Exoprise recently updated the CloudReady SharePoint sensor for monitoring SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019 Server. At the same time we separated the CloudReady OneDrive sensor to better segregate the crowd. This was a feature request that customers had been asking for. For both sensors, we upgraded the browser, improved the bandwidth (throughput) tests and a number of other enhancements. Read on for more information about new features and enhancements.


Getting the Most Performance Out of Microsoft Teams Channel and File Management

In addition to using Teams for calls and online meetings, one of the simplest ways for organizations to begin engaging with Teams collaborative capabilities is the chat and file management functions. These capabilities alone give remote teams of individuals within an organization an easy way to easily and contextually communicate ideas, collaborate, and share files as part of the creative process.


How ADFS & Azure AD Connect Can Impact Microsoft 365 Users

Office 365, now called Microsoft 365, is no doubt, the biggest cloud service on the planet. Despite its size and market share, it’s important to remember that cloud services are reliant on-premises components. If you want to ensure the availability and performance of Exchange online, Teams or SharePoint, you need to make sure that your Microsoft identities are working fine too.


It's Time to Think About Optimizing Teams Post-Pandemic

With the world attempting to return to normal, organizations that have embraced Teams need to think about how to get the most out of it however you will operate moving forward. The good news is all the firefighting and urgency and late nights trying to get the business operational is behind us. Home users are up and running, devices are connected, and the business now relies on Microsoft Teams to achieve its collaboration and communication needs.


Why the Teams Call Quality Dashboard Isn't Enough

With Microsoft Teams replacing the organization’s internal phone system, it’s imperative that Teams call quality be consistent, requiring IT to look for ways to monitor, isolate, and troubleshoot calls. Pre-pandemic, users each sat in a cubicle using the standard issue digital phone provided throughout the office, making calls through the same digital pipe, resulting in every user having a consistent experience. The idea of calling someone else in another part of the office was a given.

Working in the New Normal

With nearly two-thirds of employees working remotely today wanting to remain so post-pandemic, organizations are going to be faced with supporting a hybrid workforce riddled with device, security and connectivity complexities that will impact the user's ability to productively use Teams. Without an ability to rely on Teams for digital calls, meetings, collaboration, and sharing of data, organizations reliant upon Teams will find themselves negatively impacted.