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How To Monitor Zoom Audio Video Conference Performance

With governments and businesses requiring workers to stay and work from home during this unprecedented global pandemic, enterprises are now more dependent than ever before on real time collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco WebEx. IT staff within these organizations are under pressure to provide their Sr. Management a level of assurance that these tools are working well in this scenario.


Securing Office 365 against the latest threats

The world is currently gripped by the spread of Covid-19, more commonly referred to as coronavirus, and unsurprisingly, cybercriminals are making the most of the situation and public uncertainty through phishing scams. There are many different examples of Covid-19 phishing scams in active circulation. Some purport to share the latest guidance, others encourage people to apply for a tax rebate, and yet more ask for donations towards medical efforts. Some even claim to provide a magical cure.


Cloud Service Management best practices for Office 365

This article is part of a series on Office 365 Service Delivery Management. In the previous article we had a look at Service Management. Now let’s have a closer look at best practices for Office 365 service management. ITSM represents how IT manages, operates and transitions technology but also designs services and manages risks within the organization. You certainly have already seen what service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation, or service incidents are.


Measure delivery along EVERY mail flow path

Email is such the norm, everybody expects it to be working and most of the company processes still rely on email. Even some companies still perform some trading operations through email. Email timeliness is key! And not just from Office 365 mailbox outbound, but EVERY mail flow path is critical! If you are in a hybrid environment, an outage of an on-premises server, a simple misconfiguration or a breach in security can dramatically affect your mail routing, putting business at risk.


UDP vs TCP, what is best for Microsoft Teams Voice?

This entry is part of our series on Microsoft Teams Performance monitoring. As most of you already know, MS Teams works with two main protocols: UDP and TCP. Microsoft and most other VOIP solution providers recommend using Teams with UDP rather than TCP. The purpose of this article is to understand why and in which condition it matters. We’ve configured multiple GSX Robot Users, using Teams in different simulated network conditions.


Modern Service Management with Microsoft Recommendations

This article is part of a series on Office 365 Service Delivery Management. In the previous article we had a look at Office 365 contracts & SLAs. Now let’s have a closer look at Microsoft recommendations for service management. Microsoft states in their blog, the “Service Management should be a focus for all customers”. Microsoft defines Modern Service Management as a way to ensure business consumption and productivity. This model is based on 4 pillars.


9 Real-World Ways Webhooks Improve Office 365 Performance Monitoring and Service Quality

How an organization responds to an Office 365 service quality issue can have a material impact on an organization’s productivity. So, it’s important to leverage automation and integration as part of the response. The service quality of Office 365 can best be measured with synthetic transactions – where user activity is simulated and monitored to ensure Office 365 services are both operational and running efficiently.