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ServiceNow delivers new native workflows in Microsoft Teams to create the future of work

Today we announced the expansion of our partnership with Microsoft to deliver elevated digital employee experiences that meet people where they are. At Microsoft Ignite 2020, ServiceNow introduced new workflows embedded in Microsoft Teams to improve employee productivity with seamless self-service and faster case resolution. Powered by the Now Platform, the new capabilities also improve agent productivity by enabling them to more effectively collaborate and complete key tasks in Microsoft Teams.


PagerDuty for Microsoft Teams Meetings

There’s no “i” in Teams…but there are two “i’s” in “PagerDuty for Microsoft Teams Meetings.” Sometimes a face-to-face meeting—or its digital equivalent, the video conference—is exactly what’s needed to solve a digital incident that’s constantly evolving. The ability to get key stakeholders together in a single video meeting to discuss an incident can speed up valuable response time and save potential lost revenue.


How to collect Microsoft Office 365 logs with O365beat

Collecting and monitoring Microsoft Office 365 logs is an important means of detecting indicators of compromise, such as the mass deletion or download of files. However, exporting logs to a log management platform involves running an Elastic Stack with Logstash, which requires significant configuration and infrastructure. In response to customer requests, we’ve discovered an easier way to connect Office 365 logs to Humio with minimal infrastructure and configuration: the O365beat log shipper.


OverOps + Microsoft: Streamline Error Resolution with Microsoft Teams [Part 1]

This first post in our Microsoft + OverOps blog series breaks down how to enhance your troubleshooting process with our Microsoft Teams integration. At OverOps, we like to work the way you work. Whatever tools you use, wherever you are in the DevOps lifecycle, we’ll meet you there – and bring our deep, code-level visibility along with us. When it comes to integrating with the modern DevOps life cycle, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft tools are on our radar.


O365 Phishing Attack Used Real-Time Validation against Active Directory

A phishing attack used real-time validation against an organization’s Active Directory in order to steal users’ Office 365 credentials. According to Armorblox, the phishing attack targeted an executive working at an American brand that was named one of the world’s Top 50 most innovative companies for 2019 on a Friday evening.


Are your legacy tools helping with Digital Experience Monitoring?

Chances are you are not reading this blog at work. If you are one of the millions of American workers affected by Covid and Working From Home (WFH), most likely you are using a popular SaaS application tool such as Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Zoom, or Salesforce. Legacy tools traditionally utilized by IT organizations for alerting and on-premises performance monitoring are inadequate in this age of WFH and multi-cloud integration.