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Building on Chaos Toolkit's Foundation: New Features for Resilience Engineering

On October 26th 2023, we had the pleasure of receiving Manuel Castellin, a seasoned expert in chaos engineering and Terraform, who took us through two real-world examples demonstrating how to overcome the challenges of implementing chaos engineering when your infrastructure isn’t initially prepared for it and securely experiment on production systems. In the second part of the meetup, Sylvain Hellegouarch, Chaos Toolkit lead developer and Reliably CEO, showed a quick demo of how to use Reliably to build your experiments in a less code-centric and more visual way.

Impact of Kubernetes cluster maintenance on application availability

#kubernetes #eks #chaosengineering
In this video, we will be exploring an interesting scenario that might happen in real life. Let's imagine we have an application running in a Kubernetes cluster inside EKS. If for any reason, two of our three nodes are cordoned and can't be scheduled anymore, what would happen to our users should the last node be cordoned as well? And what if we need to reschedule something?

Checking your observability and communication platforms with Reliably

#reliably #chaosengineering #honeycomb #slack #resilience
In this video, we will use a chaos engineering experiment, that we expect to fail, to verify our open tracing and communication platforms are correctly set up. Using the Honeycomb and Slack integrations provided by Reliably, we will send traces and messages and observe if they are triggered as expected.