Automation Testing Tools Landscape | Test Automation Landscape Report 2020

Welcome back to our Test Automation Summary series. As we progress to 2021, the Katalon team made a Test Automation Summary 2020 video to reflect the big picture's software testing. This 6-minute video presents the current automation testing tool market and various factors that affect the tool selection process. This recap is synthesized from our Test Automation Landscape Report 2020, reflecting 5,000+ IT professionals' opinions across various industries.

Kemp Acquires Flowmon Networks: Ray Downes and J Tobola

Kemp acquires Flowmon for predictive network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPDM) and network detection and response (NDR). Kemp boosts load balancing and application delivery controller (ADC) solutions with advanced flow-based monitoring and encrypted traffic analysis to enable customers to uncover cybersecurity blind spots and accelerate application incident response. Kemp Technologies CEO Ray Downes and Flowmon Networks CEO J Tobola discuss the acquisition.

THANK YOU | A message from the team at Slack

Thank you for supporting us along the way: From launch day in 2014 to reaching 1 million daily active users in 2015 to this momentous occasion. We couldn’t have done any of it without you: our partners, customers, dedicated developers, the dreamers and the doers. Here’s a look back at everything you’ve helped us achieve in service of making your working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive.